What Happened in 1927?

January 7: The first transatlantic phone call was made from New York City to London.

March 11: The Flatheads Gang committed the country’s first armored car robbery near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

April 22: The Mississippi River flooded, affecting 700,000 people in what was then the country’s greatest national disaster.

May 5: Philo Farnsworth transmitted the first television pictures.

May 21: Charles Lindbergh completed his solo, non-stop flight from New York to Paris.

September 25: A treaty signed at the League of Nations Slavery Convention abolishes all types of slavery.

September 27: A tornado hit East St. Louis, Missouri, killing seventy people and injuring 550.

September 29: V.W. Peters celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday.

September 30: Babe Ruth hit his sixtieth home run for the New York Yankees, setting a single-season record that would stand until 1961.

October 4: Workers started carving Mount Rushmore.

October 6: The Jazz Singer opened in theaters, becoming a huge success and ushering in movies with sound.

November 12: Joseph Stalin gained full control of the Soviet Union.

November 13: The Holland Tunnel opened, linking New Jersey and New York.

December 2: Ford Motor Company unveiled the Model A.