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Monday, April 11

John 9:1–17 http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=166084857

“Mud for Seeing”

Jesus rubbed mud on a man’s eyelids
Homemade mud, spit and dirt


That the man might see,
That the world might see
Glimpses of God.

A visual aid, that mud…

Melting snow in February, thank God we’ve got mud.
Slush in March, more mud,
April Showers, mud again.  Enough already…
Mud is in the transitions that incrementally renew life.
May flowers, mud first.

Visual aids like mud are many.
God, we would not be sightless strangers to your works and working.
Give us eyes to see You through the mud.

Recipe for Remembering


One thumb or hand
            One piece of paper or margins of PTS devotional book

Making visual aid:
            Make mud marks on paper, or Gently rub mud on own eyelids. Feel temperature, sense weight, imagine being that blind man, notice coolness as evaporation dries the mud.  Pray for your own blindness and for the world’s sight to be restored.

Rinse, pat dry, see, give thanks, and remember.

Nancy Schongalla-Bowman


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