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Sunday, April 3

Psalm 131 http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=166084380

 Yesterday, a neighbor died of a brain tumor, leaving behind a loving wife and three children. 

Yesterday, good friends birthed their first two children— twins—and everyone is happy and healthy. 

 Both of these events are “too great and too marvelous” for me to understand—the broken heart filled with the pain of loss; the overflowing heart that meets and falls in love with a newborn for the first time.


 But also yesterday the rest of us went to work, went to the gym, did the same old schoolwork, housework, busywork. In between the mountaintop experience of the twins’ birth, and the valley of the death of a good man, the rest of us went about our business. In between the pain that is “too great,” and the joy that is “too marvelous,” the rest of us shared our communal life, our common tasks, did the best we could, for as many as we could. Maybe tomorrow it will be our turn to bear the sorrow or bask in the joy. 

 But for today, we are called to two things by this psalm: to calm and quiet our souls in God, and to hope in the Lord, forever. We don’t have to be the best, the brightest, the loudest, the most intense. We do not need to occupy ourselves with the most lofty of ideas. We need to live our lives, to the glory of God, with calmness of spirit. And we need to put our hope in the Lord, who has promised to be with us in both joy and sorrow. 


 Praise the Lord.


Cathy Cook Davis





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