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Saturday, April 2

Jeremiah 13: 1–11 http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=166084297


The people of Israel were clinging. They were clinging with all their might to the other gods they had constructed in their lives. They were clinging to the way they pictured their lives, their work, and their relationships. As they stood, feet planted, unmoving, something terrible happened. They became so stubborn that they were no longer open to what God had for them. In their desperate attempt to strike out on their own, they missed out on all God called them to. Like an old, dirty rag, they weren’t useful for their purpose any longer.

 In today's Gospel lesson from John, Jesus says, “...before Abraham was, I am.” He declares that of all we can attempt to cling to, there is Some One to whom we can cling. One who binds up our hurts and grief, worries and anxiety. He is Jesus Christ. He is the One who is before Abraham and beyond all time.  Of all the solid, firm foundations we can try clinging to, he is the only one unchanging, never faltering. And when we cling to him, when we forego the stubbornness of our hearts, we are bound to the Lord, to be called and known as his people. Cling to the crucified, Jesus Christ! 


 Cling to the Mighty One,


Cling in thy grief:


Cling to the Holy One,


He gives relief.


Cling to the Gracious One,


Cling in thy pain:


Cling to the Faithful One,


He will sustain.




Cling to the Living One,


Cling in thy woe:


Cling to the Loving One,


Through all below:


Cling to the Pardoning One,


He speaketh peace:


Cling to the Healing One,


Anguish will cease.




Cling to the Bleeding One,


Cling to his side:


Cling to the Rising One,


In Him abide:


Cling to the Coming One,


Hope shall arise:


Cling to the Reigning One,


Joy lights thine eyes.


Lyra consolationis: or, Hymns for the day of sorrow & weariness


By Horatius Bonar




Sarah Pickell




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