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Saturday, March 19

Psalm 139 http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=166082901

Solitude with God

Imagine that you are in a distant, abroad country, where nobody sees you, nobody knows you, and nobody recognizes you! You walk into the crowd, but you are alone, and so lonely: no familiar face, no hello, no smile, no one to say your name, no one with whom to share your joy and sorrow, no one to understand you, support you. Everyone ignores you. As if you had no history, no past. As if this time were unreal.

Imagine, tired of all that loneliness, you rest and fall asleep and dream. And in your dream comes a friend, a true friend, your best friend. This friend takes you into his arms, hugs you, smiles at you, talks to you, listens to you. He understands expressions of your face, your sighs, your feelings. He knows what you want before you ask him. As if he had always been at your side. As if he had shared your entire story. And then you wake up, you realize that your dream is not a dream, your dream is reality, and, even alone in the crowd, you are with your best friend.


Caleb Moise


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