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Thursday March 10

Deuteronomy 7:6–11  http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=166082364

In Jesus Christ, there is no isolation—of ourselves from God or of God from us. Rather, in Christ we encounter the meeting of humanity and God, “the reality of the covenant mutually contracted, preserved, and fulfilled.”[1]

Our loving and faithful God keeps God’s promises. The Lord has promised to love you always. Lift up your heart to God and commit yourself afresh to this loving covenant with God: to love God, to worship, obey, and walk humbly in God’s ways.

In the spirit of faithfulness, and with the hope of Easter, consider the ways God has been faithful in keeping God’s covenant with you. And, knowing that you are in loving partnership with God, how will you respond to God’s faithfulness, now in Lent, and always?

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From the residents of 105 Farber Road, CRW

[1] Karl Barth, The Humanity of God (Richmond: Westminster John Knox Press, 1960), 46.


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