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Expand/Collapse  Academic Transcripts
Expand/Collapse  Admissions Application Deadlines
Expand/Collapse  Are catalogues available by mail?
Expand/Collapse  Are there any distance learning, evening or part-time programs?
Expand/Collapse  Can I apply online?
Expand/Collapse  Do my prerequisite degrees need to be from educational institutions recognized by a Regional Accreditor?
Expand/Collapse  Do you accept transfer credits toward the M.Div degree?
Expand/Collapse  Does my college major affect admissions decisions?
Expand/Collapse  Does my home pastor have to write my letter of endorsement?
Expand/Collapse  How long does it take to complete the M.Div. program?
Expand/Collapse  Information for Permanent Residents of the United States
Expand/Collapse  Is the M.Div. degree only for students who wish to be ordained?
Expand/Collapse  What are the application requirements for the M.Div, MA, And M.Div-MA degree programs?
Expand/Collapse  What percentage of applicants are admitted to the M.Div. program?