Princeton Seminary has a rich partnership with St. Columba’s Church in Johannesburg.

In addition to Dr. Torrance, other scholars from Princeton Theological Seminary who have given the St. Columba Lectures include the Reverend Dr. Robert Bohl, president of the Seminary’s Board of Trustees; Old Testament professor Dennis Olson; New Testament professor Beverly Roberts Gaventa; theology professor and himself a native of South Africa Wentzel van Huyssteen; and former president and professor of New Testament Thomas W. Gillespie.

Additionally, a number of Princeton Seminary alumni/ae did summer internships as part of the Seminary’s international field education program while they were students. These include Rachel Daley in 2010, Melinda Hall in 2009, Brian Griswold in 2008, Rachel Pederson in 2007, Anne Kessler in 2006, Camille Cook in 2005, Edward Buri in 2004, Stacy Martin in 2002, and Rhonda Lemezis in 2001.

One of the former pastors of St. Columba’s Church, the Reverend Dr. Alan Maker, is a Princeton Seminary Doctor of Ministry graduate, Class of 1984.

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