Winter 2003
Volume 7 Number 2

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Catherine Kelsey and Terrence Tice (57B, 61D), December 28, 2000

Dolores M. Kromka and Harold E. Johnson (64B), June 7, 2002

Carol S. McCall and Graham M. Patterson (73B, 74M), January 12, 2002

Tina Marie Dowd and J. Stephen Jacobs (76B), August 17, 2002

Jan Elizabeth Lewis and Robert P. Roney (78B), June 2, 2001

Wendy Harry and C. Scott Shidemantle (92M), March 9, 2002

Rebekah Ann Bozeman and Casey Deryl Elledge (97B, 01D), July 20, 2002

Charlene Jin and James S. Lee ('98B), March 2002

Melanie Pinkney and Darrell L. Armstrong (99B), August 31, 2002

Katheryn Link and Kyle L. Powderly ('99B), November 3, 2001

Jodi Tomlinson and Case Thorp (00B), August 10, 2002

Jeannelle Reed and Christopher Benek (01B, 02M), July 13, 2002

Ellen Yoo and Joseph Hyunsung Lee (02B), June 1, 2002

Katherine Martin Reed (02B, E) and Peter Hazelrigg, September 1, 2002


John Daniel to Ana and Bob (79M) Biederman, February 4, 2002

Caroline Ruth Lou Feng adopted by Darlene and James B. (85B) Miller on June 17, 2002

Siobhan Elizabeth Parker adopted by Lisa Konick and Leland Seese (88B) on February 8, 2002

Elizabeth Margaret to Sarah Jo (Sarchet) (92B) and John Butler, June 5, 2002

Corydon Lucas to Donna and Doug (92B) Hoffman, May 22, 2002

Halley Catherine to Lynn (93B) and Mark (93B) Barger Elliott, February 21, 2002

Natalie Joy to Linda and Christopher (94B) Hushaw, September 11, 2002

Ethan Scott to Tracey (Greene) and Timothy J. (98B) Luoma, May 28, 2002

Elizabeth Helena adopted by Jennifer (99B) and Jason (99B) Hurtado Daniels in April 2002

Elijah Joo-Eun to Hyeon Jin and Jaeshin (02B) Soh, July 3, 2002

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