Summer/Fall 2002
Volume 7 Number 1





On the Shelves features book recommendations from Princeton Seminary faculty and staff to help alumni/ae choose books that contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Sang Hyun Lee, K.C. Han Professor of Systematic Theology

Rachelís Cry: Prayer of Lament and Rebirth of Hope, by Kathleen D. Billman andSang Hyun Lee, K.C. Han Professor of Systematic Theology Daniel L. Migliore (United Church Press, 1999). In the process of discussing the importance of lament in Christian prayer, the authors address in a very informed and helpful way the issues involved in caring for bereaved persons going through the grieving process.

Galilee, Jesus, and the Gospels: Literary Approaches and Historical Investigations, by Sean Freyne (Fortress Press, 1988). One of the most important books (including several recent works by Richard A. Horsley) for an understanding of the theological significance of the Galilean context of Jesusí ministry.

Kathleen E. McVey, Joseph Ross Stevenson Professor of Church History

The Hidden Pearl: The Aramaic Heritage of the Syrian Orthodox Church, by Sebastian Brock, David G.K. Taylor, and Witold Witakowski, 3 vols., with three videos produced by Giacomo Pezzali (books and videos published by Trans World Film Italia, 2001); available through the Syrian Orthodox Church in the USA ( An accessible three-volume history of a major branch of the Christian church: 1) the pre-Christian Aramaic background; 2) Syriac literature and history of the patristic period; and 3)Kathleen E. McVey Photo: Krystin Granberg subsequent history in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and eastern Turkey and now also in Europe and America. Grounded in critical scholarship, beautifully illustrated, and accompanied by professionally produced videos, this is an important contribution to understanding the multicultural dimension of Christianity throughout history.

Iraq under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War, edited by Anthony Arnove (South End Press, 2000). This collection of essays, which includes contributions from Ali Abunimah, Edward Said, Howard Zinn, and Noam Chomsky, offers perspectives different from those usually represented in the media. My interest in the history of this region has brought these materials to my attention. As our national policies increasingly involve this part of the world, American clergy and laypersons of all churches will need to be better informed about all sides of the issues.