Summer/Fall 2002
Volume 7 Number 1














The Reverend Chase S. Hunt is the Seminary's director of planned giving. 

Even in the current up-and-down market, charitable gifts made by way of appreciated securities held long-term (longer than a year) can be quite advantageous to the donor. This is true whether the donor’s intention is, for example, to provide for the current needs of our institution through an outright gift to our Annual Fund or to fund one of the life income arrangements offered through our planned giving program.

Making outright gifts of appreciated securities held long-term has two advantages, among others. First, the securities are valued at their fair market value—that is, the average of their high and low trading prices on the day they pass from the donor’s control to ours. And second, the tax on the gain in their value (capital gains tax) that would be the donor’s responsibility if the securities were sold in the usual manner is avoided altogether, which could be a considerable savings.

When used to fund a life income gift that would typically pay lifetime income to the donor and then become the property of the Seminary for a purpose determined at the time the agreement is established, securities would pass to Princeton at their fair market value, as above. The capital gains tax would be significantly reduced or avoided completely, depending on the particular life income plan selected. And if the donor were to choose securities yielding low income to fund such a gift, the resulting income could be considerably enhanced. A beneficiary such as a spouse could be provided for through one of these arrangements as well.

To learn more about making gifts to the Seminary by means of appreciated securities and about the various life income plans that we offer, please call me, visit the Seminary’s web site at , or request our Gifts of Securities brochure.


This list includes gifts made between October 1, 2001, and December 31, 2001.

2001–2002 Annual Fund

In Memory of

The Reverend William N. Boak (’57B)
The Reverend Charles H. Davis (’41B)
The Reverend Harry Porter Farr (’40B)
The Reverend Dr. Carl S. Fisher (’39B)
The Reverend Philip W. Furst (’35B)
The Reverend Dr. Leon W. Gibson (’59D)
The Reverend Llewelyn Kemmerle (’43B)
The Reverend William F. Logan Jr. (’39B)
The Reverend Dr. John H. Sorenson (’68M/’87P)
The Reverend Dr. John M. Stuart (’41B/’46M)
Dr. S. Arthur Talman (’42B)

2001–2002 Scholarship Fund

In Memory of

The Reverend Robert C. Holland (’62B)
Mrs. Esther Loos
The Reverend Dr. Alfonso A. Rodriguez (’46B/’55D)

2001–2002 Alumni/ae Roll Call

In Memory of

The Reverend E. Otto DeCamp (’36B/’46M)
The Reverend Dr. James E. Loder (’57B)
The Reverend Merle E. Porter (’52B/’60M)
Dr. Kalman L. Sulyok (’56D)

In Honor/Appreciation of

Ms. Katherine R. Bullock
Dr. Ellen T. Charry
The Reverend Dr. Abigail Rian Evans (’61B)
Mr. John B. Fleming
Mrs. Barbara A. Gillespie
The Reverend Dr. Thomas W. Gillespie (’54B)
Ms. Winnie Jackson
“The education I received at PTS”
“My three years at the Seminary”

 Miiller Chapel Restoration Project

In Memory of

Mrs. Ruth Appenzeller
The Reverend Dr. William Park Armstrong (1897B)
The Reverend Dr. C. Ransom Comfort Jr. (’31B)
The Reverend Dr. David L. Crawford (’47B)
Mr. Ronald C. Degitz
Dr. David Hugh Jones
Dr. Robert K. Kelley (’48B)
Dr. Howard Tillman Kuist
The Reverend Dr. Robert A. MacAskill (’45B)
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Mackay
The Reverend Richard H. Miller (’55B)
The Reverend Harlan H. Naylor (’42B)
The Reverend Viggo Norskov Olsen (’60M)
Mrs. Grace W. Reifsnyder
The Reverend T. Bancroft Reifsnyder (’19B)
The Reverend Dr. Frederick B. Speakman (’45B)
Dr. David A. Weadon

In Honor/Appreciation of

The Reverend Dr. W.J. Beeners (’48B)
Mrs. Carol A. Belles
Ms. Katherine R. Bullock
The Reverend Dr. Arthur M. Byers Jr. (’50B)
The Reverend Dr. Thomas W. Gillespie (’54B)
The Reverend Dr. James A. Kay
The Reverend Michael E. Livingston (’74B/’91M)
Dr. Donald Macleod (’46G)
The Reverend Dr. Bruce Metzger (’38B/’39M)
Miller Chapel
Princeton Theological Seminary Faculty
Mr. Jesse Reynolds
Ms. Kristin Reynolds
Mrs. Zoe L. Speakman
The Reverend Charles F. Stratton (’51B/’80D)
The Reverend Ruth Ellen Stratton (’80B)
“In celebration of PTS choir!”
“Superb training and resources of PTS”
“All the Seminary meant as spouse and mother of alumni/ae”

Buck Breland Memorial Medical Emergency Endowment Fund

In Memory of
Mr. Osmond P. “Buck” Breland (2000b)

Harwood and Willa Childs Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

In Honor/Appreciation of
Mrs. Margaret Armstrong
The Reverend Dr. Richard S. Armstrong (’58B)

The Reverend Dr. Samuel Allen and Anne McMullan Jackson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

In Memory of
Mrs. Anne McMullan Jackson
The Reverend Dr. Samuel Allen Jackson (’32b)

Bryant M. Kirkland Minister of the Chapel Endowment Fund

In Memory of
The Reverend Dr. Bryant M. Kirkland (’38B)

Mrs. Norma Macleod Memorial Scholarship Fund

In Memory of
Mrs. Norma Macleod

Princeton Theological Seminary

In Memory of
The Reverend Dr. James E. Loder (’57B)

In Honor/Appreciation of
The Reverend Dr. John T. Galloway (’66B)
Mrs. Susan Hall Galloway (’66E)

Touring Choir Fund

In Honor/Appreciation of
Princeton Theological Seminary Touring Choir