Summer/Fall 2002
Volume 7 Number 1






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Pastoral Ministry The First Office of the Church

Calvin called the pastoral ministry “the first office of the church,” and preparation of women and men for the pastoral ministry is still at the center of the mission of Princeton Seminary.

This issue of inSpire looks at the pastoral ministry in several ways. The preaching task is considered in the reflections of two of PTS’s newest professors, Dr. Sally Brown, who teaches preaching, and Dr. Nancy Lammers Gross, who teaches speech communication in ministry. Kent Annan explores the unique ministry of pastors who are called to start new churches in his article on new church development, and gives attention to the supposed shortage of pastors in the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Barbara Chaapel writes about what PTS alums and faculty who attended a preaching conference in Montreat believe it means to be a pastor today.

And look for Student Life stories about how two current students deepened their commitment to the pastoral ministry: one through a challenge to minister in Uganda, the other through conversations with her college pastor and in a field education internship.

Outstanding in the Field shares the story of David Norwood and the small congregation he pastors in Washington State that is made up of Native American locals, Hispanics and Filipino immigrant families, and Anglo professionals. And PTS professor of ministry and evangelism Jack Stewart asks in End Things what he believes to be the key question for the church today: what is pastoral leadership?


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