Summer/Fall 2002
Volume 7 Number 1






Alumni/ae Update

It is such an exciting time to be a member of the PTS Alumni/ae Council. I represent Region 3, which encompasses the State of New Jersey. When I was elected, I wondered just what the role of this group was and how the group influenced the Seminary.

In the past, the council has contributed to the growth and development of the childcare center on campus and, most recently, to the expansion of full-time counseling services on campus. Presently we are interested in knowing more about the area of information technology and how the campus’s expanding services in media and web technology can reach beyond the student body to alumni/ae and others in the global community.

The council is discussing how alumni/ae might use the Seminary’s web site and media resources. We are interested in knowing how graduates and friends of the institution might link themselves more closely with Princeton Seminary using information technology.


Kathy J. Nelson, 1980 (M.Div.), 1986 (Th.M.), 1992 (D.Min.), is the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Dayton, New Jersey.

Since September 11, we on the council have become more aware of our need for connectedness and resourcing. It seems that many of us went to the Seminary’s web site in hopes of gaining information about how we could minister in the days following this national crisis. Our hope is that through the resource of a developing, and hopefully ever-expanding, web site, alumni/ae and others can benefit from the vast theological resources and faculty support Princeton could offer through the use of advanced information technology.

Those interested in sharing their thoughts about the use of technology in the Seminary’s relationship with alumni/ae may contact me at .

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