Winter  2002
Volume 6 Number 2

Blessed are the dead...who die in the Lord. Yes, says the Spirit, they will rest from their labors, for their deeds will follow them. 
Revelation 14:13

1933 Raymond I. Lindquist, October 5, 2001, Irvine, CA
1936 E. Otto DeCamp, October 1, 2001, Duarte, CA
1942 Robert E. Sherrill, September 5, 1997, Hudson, FL 
S. Arthur Talman, October 8, 2001, Rydal, PA
1943 Richard Pursel, February 2001, Fort Washington, MD
1944 George P. Fulton Jr., September 21, 2001, Mt. Lebanon, PA
1945 Robert A. MacAskill, September 25, 2001, Gettysburg, PA
1947 Wallace E. Easter, June 11, 2001, Lincoln, NE
Hendrick Van Dyke, notified October 2001, Seaside, OR
1950 George A. Vorsheim, August 29, 2001, Rexford, NY
1952 Stanley B. Webster, May 8, 2001, Charlotte, NC
1954 Nelson E. Beck, August 11, 2001, North Warren, PA
1955 R. David Steele, August 28, 2001, Sun City, AZ
1963 Raymond S. Wolfgang, September 28, 2001, Wernersville, PA
1964 Richard R. Lutz, September 6, 2001, Seattle, WA
1965 Robert W. Henninges, July 24, 2001, Annandale, NJ
1981 Laura Lyn Inglis, August 14, 2001, Storm Lake, NJ

It is with deep sadness that Princeton Seminary reports the death of Dr. James E. Loder on November Dr. James E. Loder 9, 2001. Dr. Loder was the Mary D. Synnott Professor of the Philosophy of Christian Education. A memorial service was held for Dr. Loder in Miller Chapel on November 14. The next issue of inSpire will include a tribute to his life and ministry.

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