Winter  2002
Volume 6 Number 2

On the cover -
The cover photo is by Chrissie Knight.  It's a hinge.  A strong hinge that someone saw fit to adorn with found, delicate beauty--a flower.  It holds the door to St. Columba's six-sided stone chapel at the Columcille Megalith Park (founded by William H. Cohea Jr., PTS Class of 1952) in Bangor, Pennsylvania.  The door might as well be the door opening to anything in your life.  Life - with its strong, wrought support and its found beauty.  Doors - opening to the Spirit's unyielding hope and new life.
Renewing a Right Spirit
Stories in this feature focus on Christian spirituality and how it can be a resource in the Christian life.

For Such a Time As This: PTS Campus Community Responds to September 11
For students, faculty, and staff members, the first term of the 2001 academic year was like no other.
by Barbara Chaapel and Erika Marksbury

Windows on a Shattered World
In the wake of the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, PTS alumni/ae who were closely involved reflect on their experience and on the meaning of the tragedy. by nineteen PTS alumni/ae

ďA Witness to the TruthĒ: Martin Luther King Jr.ís Eulogy for PTS alum James J. Reeb
Excerpts from Martin Luther King Jr.ís eulogy for PTS alum James Reeb, martyred in 1965, offer a timely reminder of the costs of peace and justice.

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Renewing a Right Spirit

For Such a Time As This: PTS Campus Community Responds to September 11

Windows on a Shattered World

"A Witness to the Truth": Martin Luther King Jr.'s Eulogy for PTS Alum James J. Reeb


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