Fall 2001
Volume 6 Number 1

Weddings and Births


Rhonda Lynn Aiken and Scott Miller Gibson (’88M), December 15, 2000

Jennifer Lynn Lindquist and Mark R. Orten (’92B),  June 23, 2001
Carmen Lynnette Aiken (’98B) and Donald James Isaac, May 26, 2001
Amy Elizabeth Salmon (’00B) and Jeffery Allan Lincoln, September 30, 2000


Trevor James to Ann Palmerton (’86B) and Brad Binau (’82B, ’87D), May 2, 2001
Thomas James “TJ” adopted by Ann Fitzgerald (’88B) and Frank (’78B) Aichinger, April 25, 2000
Colin Andrew to Lisa Larsen (’88B) and Craig Henderson, October 1, 2000 
Alexandra Scoville to Dayle Gillespie Rounds (’89B, ’97M) and Stephen Rounds, May 6, 2001
Stephen Burke to Missy and Drew (’94B ) Clark, June 8, 2001
Charles “Charlie” McDaniel to Melissa Anne (May) (’94B) and Jim Rogers, December 16, 2000
Colin David to Martie Sharp Bradley (’95E) and David Bradley, March 9, 2001
Tessa Clare to Donna Ray (’95B) and Harry Van Buren (’95B), November 20, 2000
Nathaniel Everett to Diana Brawley (’96B, ’97M) and Neal Magee (’97B), July 17, 2001
Hannah Lee to Kari and Jay (’98B) Rowland, March 17, 2000
Lilly Patricia to Kari and Jay (’98B) Rowland, May 22, 2001
Kayla Thomas to Melissa and Matthew Fry (’99B), February 19, 2001
John Bertin to Sara (’99B) and Jean-Bertin Tonje, April 23, 2001 

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