Fall 2001
Volume 6 Number 1

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Poet and Pastor in Rural Kansas

by Kent Annan

Whenever George Pasley, Class of 1997, returns to Princeton he takes time to help wash dishes in the cafeteria. He washes the dishes because he enjoys it and because he has three years of good memories among the suds as a student. This is not the practice of most PTS alums.  George Pasley, Class of 1997

Neither is working as a shepherd nor earning a B.S. in agriculture, which were both along Pasley’s path to becoming pastor of two congregations in rural Kansas.

Librarian Gives Voices to the Saints

by Kent Annan

Andrew Scrimgeour, PTS alum and library director at Drew University, sometimes goes to the library at odd hours.  People have asked him whether being alone in theAndrew Scrimgeour old building and walking among its stacks of books late at night is spooky. “No,” he replies. “Though I might look alone, I’m actually among old friends.”

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