Fall 2001
Volume 6 Number 1

On the cover -
The compass says go east, come west: The path between Asia and Princeton is well worth traveling! And itís a dynamic, living relationshipólike a tiger, though without the snarl or danger. The Korean letters in the background mean Asia. Designer Kathy Whalen has chosen the symbols, the Korean letters, the Asian architecture, the fonts, and the colors to celebrate Princetonís relationship with many from that continent. 
Meeting at the Edge of Continents
Personal stories, history, and critical reflection give a variety of perspectives on Princetonís relationship with Asia.

Proclaiming the Gospel in a Wired World: The Princeton Forums on Youth Ministry
From around North America, people involved with youth ministry gather in Princeton for encouragement and learning.
by Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp

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Meeting at the Edge of Continents
Proclaiming the Gospel in a Wired World


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