Fall 2001
Volume 6 Number 1


Key to Abbreviations:
Upper-case letters designate degrees earned at PTS:
M.Div.   D.Min. P
M.R.E.   Th.D. D
M.A.   Ph.D. D
Th.M.  M
Special undergraduate student     U
Special graduate student              G

When an alumnus/a did not receive a degree, a lower-case letter corresponding to those above designates the course of study.

1932  W. E. Phifer Jr. (B, ’33M) and his wife celebrated their seventy-first wedding anniversary in May.

1935 Robert H. Beattie (b) lives in Calgary in Alberta, Canada. A diary about his wartime experiences is available in a library of Stirling Castle in Scotland. 

C. Donald Close (b) finds it hard to believe he’s been ordained for sixty-six years! He is parish associate at the First Presbyterian Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Abram G. Kurtz (B) writes, “I love Princeton Seminary—so many wonderful memories and students. And [former PTS president] Jim McCord was a wonderful man.” He also mourns the passing of James Glenn, “my best lifelong friend. We went to a one-room school, high school, college, and Princeton together.”

1938 Dean N. Dobson Jr. (B) says, “By the grace of God, I’m still ministering as parish associate at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Venice, Florida, and still loving it.”

1940 Franklin B. Gillespie (B) continues to enjoy his retirement years at White Horse Village in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, and regularly attends Swarthmore Presbyterian Church.

1944 Victor Alfsen (M) recently spent six weeks in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, helping to catalog the library at Hope Academy, a school for missionary children. He lives in Lacey, Washington.

David Noel Freedman (B) is a history professor at the University of California, San Diego.

1945 John David Burton (B), after completing an interim pastorate at the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, at the end of May, writes, “My interim has been a delight. The church, reporting 3,229 members, thus the largest in the Synod of Living Waters, has problems to match its size, and I have fun wrestling away at things. Interim ministry—this is number eleven for me—has been a real education on just how much trouble clergy and members can get into.” His email address is jdbgg@aol.com.

Earl A. Loomis Jr. (b) is retired in Greenport, New York, a fishing village on the north shore of Long Island. He hopes to spend his time writing.

1946 Richard E. Neumann (B) is pastor emeritus at the First Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is his forty-sixth year at that church.

1947 In May 1999, Lillian Cassel Driskill (B) and J. Lawrence Driskill (’57M) celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in three states—Maryland, Tennessee, and Virginia. They live in Duarte, California.

Arthur M. Hughes (B) experienced heart problems but is “recovering and grateful for divine favors.” He is retired and lives in Jefferson City, Missouri.

1948 J. Leslie Inglis (B) came out of retirement and is serving as temporary supply pastor of Elk Branch Presbyterian Church in Duffields, West Virginia.

1950 Gordon G. Johnson (M) spent thirty-three years of his career at Bethel Theological Seminary—twenty-five years at the campus in St. Paul, Minnesota, and eight at the San Diego, California, campus.

Cheryl (e) and George (’53B, ’68M) Knieriemen spent two exciting weeks in Thailand in February. They visited fraternal workers John and Martha Butt and worshipped one Sunday in a country church with one of the only two woman pastors in a province with thirty pastors and sixty churches. The Knieriemens are in their twelfth year of retirement in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their email address is gsknie@aol.com.

The class of 1951
Class of 1951 (front row, left to right): George Gillette, Doug Elwood, David Aaronson, Adelaide (Grier) Folensbee, Donald Hawthorne, Elene Roussey Hawthorne, Elizabeth A.B. Burgess, Margaret Anderson Allison, Aminta (Willis) Marks, Robert Briggs, and Horace Patton; (middle row, left to right): Ira Marshall, Charles Hurst, Tom Miles, Don Meeder, Clyde Mellinger, Richard Rettew, John Bollier, John Stoner, and Ralph Tamaccio; (back row, left to right): Frank Marvin, Fred Kling, Chalmers Goshorn, Charles Stratton, Bob DuBois, Ward Murray, Dorothy Kirkwood Mooney, Hunter Keen, and Bob Jacoby.

1951 O. Thomas Miles Jr. (B) just completed ten years as parish associate at Potomac Presbyterian Church in Potomac, Maryland. He also earned a Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in May. His dissertation was titled “Nurturing an Individual’s Relationship with God, Using a Group Setting That Considers Selected Writings of C. S. Lewis As a Guide.” His email address is tomiles@cpcug.org.

Women from the Class of 1951 (left to right): Dorothy Kirkwood Mooney, Elizabeth A.B. Burgess, Margaret Anderson Allison, Elene Roussey Hawthorne, and Aminta Marks

1952 Benjamin H. Adams (B) is a diplomate in the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. He was recently made president of the 483rd Bombardment Group Association for 2001, having been their chaplain from 1997 to 2000. He is a retired U.S. Air Force chaplain.

Jerry Walter Bohn (B) retired in 1988 because of a heart attack. He now volunteers at St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Hudson, Florida, where Ken Gruebel (’72B, p) is pastor.

Carl A. Luthman (B) serves as parish associate of the First Presbyterian Church in Sparta, New Jersey. 

Gordon D. Johnson

1953 Last November, Gordon D. Johnson (B) ministered with his wife, Bonnie, in Kenya, East Africa, on his twenty-sixth mission trip. He has previously worked as a missionary in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Hong Kong, China, and Mexico. Johnson’s thoughts on being invited on this (return) trip to Kenya: “Kenya means ‘yes, Lord’ in Hebrew, so it’s hard to say ‘no."

1954 Henry W. Heaps (B, ’57M) writes, “Having completed my fourth interim ministry since retirement in October of 1990, I am waiting on the Lord to show me his next move in my life. My four interims were a most rewarding experience.”

Jay A. Miller (B), a 1950 Park University alumnus, preached the sermon at Park’s Alumni Weekend 2000. He serves East Iowa Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry. He spends three months of each winter preaching at an RV park in Texas.

In October 2000, Paul E. Pierson (B, ’71D) and his wife, Rosemary, visited the South American Theological Seminary in Londrina, Brazil, for the inauguration of the Paul Pierson Center for Global Missions. In November, he participated in the inauguration of William Shenk in the newly endowed Paul E. Pierson Chair of Mission History at Fuller Theological Seminary. His email address is ppierson@fuller.edu.

Brad Rohwer (B) served as the interim associate executive from November 2000 through July 2001 for Plains and Peaks Presbytery in Estes Park, Colorado. He is also executive vice chair of the presbytery’s Highlands Camp capital campaign, an effort to raise seven million dollars.

1955 Alfred (B, ’78P) and Wylene Davies (’56e) live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and are “usefully busy in retirement, healthy and happy.”

Robert W. Millspaugh (B) is serving his eighth interim ministry position, this one at Unity Presbyterian Church in Cambridge, Ohio, a merger of the Second and Westminster Presbyterian Churches in Cambridge.

William Don Pendell Jr. (B) was elected president of the Port Columbus Airport Interfaith Ministries for 2001, which serves B’hai, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh travelers. He and his wife live in Worthington, Ohio.

1956 Robert R. Byrd (B) serves as part-time minister of visitation at San Marino Community Church in Pasadena, California. He and his wife, Louise, are retired and live at Monte Vista Grove Homes.

1957 Kayton R. Palmer (B) is a part-time visitation pastor at Knox Presbyterian Church and leads worship on Sundays at Shiloh Bethany Presbyterian Church, both in Minneapolis.

Clarence L. Reaser (B, ’65M) misses his wife, Ann, who died of cancer in March. He lives in Martinsville, Virginia.

1958 J. Philip Park (B) is retiring from the faculty of Kwansei Gakuin University in Uegabara, Japan. His email address is ppark24@aol.com

1959 May 22 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Robert L. Kelley Jr.’s (M) ordination to the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Retired since 1997, he continues to teach and preach in various churches. Over the last fifty years, he has spoken in more than 250 churches. 

Edward O. Poole (M) and his wife, Marian, moved into “life care” at Philadelphia Presbytery’s Rydal Park in June. They are grateful to God for their good health.

1960 Richard (B, ’81P) and Carolyn (’61e) Nygren write that Richard was honorably retired by Peace River Presbytery, and retired as chaplain of Bay Village Retirement Community in Sarasota, Florida, this year.

The class of 1961
Class of 1961 and friends (front row, left to right): Bill Brower (guest), Elaine Brower (guest), Allen Yuninger, George Johnson, Art Endo (Class of 1963), Dolores (Press) Kesel, Herman Dykes, Joan Chin Miller, Chase Hunt, and Isobel (Mackay) Metzger (guest); (middle row, left to right): Hanneke Beeners (guest), Dick Hughes, Jim Hartsoe, Judy (Kingston) Bjorkman, Abigail Rian Evans (Class of 1968), Bob Beringer, John Miller, Suzanne Hunt and Bruce Metzger (Class of 1938); (back row, left to right): Bill Beeners (Class of 1948), Howard Childers, George Hollinsgshead, Harry McElroy, Tom Erickson, Otto Zingg (Class of 1962), George Aberle, and Dick Gronhovd.

1961 Glen E. Barton (B) retired from serving as Protestant chaplain for Brockton VA Medical Center in Brockton, Massachusetts. He is currently a contract Protestant chaplain at Edith Norse Rogers Memorial VA Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Robert Beringer (B, ’70M) retired in April after forty years in ministry. He most recently served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Metuchen, New Jersey, whose manse he and his wife, Peggy, have lived in since 1984.

Bruce Nicholls (M) and his wife, Kathleen, send their regrets for their inability to attend their class reunion and congratulations to their classmates. Bruce is now editing the Asia Bible Commentary Series, written by Asians and past and present missionaries for Asian churches and colleges. He is also completing a large volume on Islam. Kathleen continues to work with Christian artists around the world. They have three married children and nine grandchildren.

1963 Richard B. Anderson (B) has delayed retirement to be interim pastor at Highland Park Presbyterian Church on Chicago’s North Shore, three blocks from Lake Michigan. He writes, “It is a good challenge and a good place in which to complete my career.”

Donald R. Mitchell (B, ’72D) is now in his seventh and final interim position, serving the First Presbyterian Church in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

1964 Peter Marshall (B) was the featured speaker at a spiritual renewal weekend with the theme “Living in Christ” at Union Presbyterian Church in Kirkwood, Pennsylvania. A national evangelist, Marshall preaches on Christian growth and maturity and America’s Christian heritage. 

Charles E. Stenner (B) recently completed an interim pastorate at Dublin Presbyterian Church in Dublin, Ohio, his fifth interim pastorate.

1965 Nancy (Chapman) Burcher (e) is a charter member of the University of Virginia club in Tallahassee, Florida. [Correction to note in winter 2001 issue, which excluded her maiden name.]

On June 9, 2001, Genevieve Metz Dox (E) was elected and installed as the moderator of the New York Conference of the United Church of Christ at the annual meeting in Rochester, New York.

1967 Norman A. Beck (D) is the Poehlmann Professor of Theology and Classical Languages and chair of the department of theology and philosophy at Texas Lutheran University. Fairway Press recently published his The New Testament: A New Translation and Redaction, a new edition of the New Testament, translated from the Greek, that remarks on the anti-Jewish polemic, sexism, and anti-Roman cryptograms in the text, as well as reflects on the New Testament as a means of grace. His email address is nbeck@tlu.edu.

Noah Martin (M) recently self-published Tears in a Bottle, Comfort for Life’s Hurts, a book that took him more than five years to write. It incorporates some of his experiences from New Day Inc., a nonprofit counseling and community center he founded in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, in 1978 with his wife, Sandy. The book also offers scriptural and personal vignettes for those who grieve.

Ervin G. Roorda (M) serves part time as spiritual care coordinator at Vista Care Family Hospice in Dallas, Texas, whose motto is “Live all the days of your life.” He retired on May 31.

1963 William Presnell (M) serves as the associate director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Drew University. He lives in Madison, New Jersey.

Vernon J. Rice (M) writes, “I retired from the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Roseville, Minnesota, on July 1, 2000. I now preach once a month at Hmong New Life Lutheran Church in St. Paul and serve on the Hmong Ministry Strategy Task Force for the Twin Cities.”

Daniel Nimcir Wambutda (M) is a professor in the religious studies department of the University of Jos in Nigeria.

1969 Vern E. McCarty (B) has been elected to the Atlanta City Council for District One in Atlanta, Georgia.

John Melin (M) was one of seventeen people on the Lutheran World Relief study tour to Kenya and Tanzania last August and is now a member of the Lutheran World Relief speakers bureau. He has been retired for almost eight years and is an every Sunday supply preacher.

Paul Mundschenk (b) is a professor of religious studies at Western Illinois University. He writes, “I am ever grateful for my PTS experience.” 

1970 John A. Schmidt (B), who for twenty years served as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, is now pastoring Faith Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He earned a D.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, in 1995.

1971 Leslie Malakian (B) works part time at Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Modesto, California, and is self-employed through Malakian Financial.

Charles A. Swan (M) received a D.Min. from Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His dissertation, generally themed “the urgency of preaching,” is an expansion of his recent publication, Power for Living in These Days: Meditations for an Everyday Faith.

1972 Bruce G. Boak (B) is pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Pittsford, New York.

1973 Robert Boenig (B)’s book Anglo-Saxon Spirituality has been published as Volume 99 in the distinguished Paulist Press Classics of Western Spirituality Series. He is an English professor at Texas A & M University.

Dennis L. Butcher (B) recently became executive director of L’Arche Winnipeg, Inc., an international, faith-based organization that provides homes for people with developmental disabilities. He lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Robert G. McCreight (B) recently began an interim pastorate at Tower Presbyterian Church in Grove City, Pennsylvania.

Anne (Chartier) Steele (b) is the twentieth president of Muskingum College, a 163-year-old liberal arts institution in New Concord, Ohio. Her goals for the college include strengthening its bonds with the community and promoting Muskingum nationally. Her husband, Rollin Steele (’71B), pastors the Rix Mills and Cumberland Presbyterian Church congregations. The Steeles have one son, Shaylor.

1974 Zacharias Mar Theophilos (M) was a guest preacher in April at San Francisco Theological Seminary. He is metropolitan of the Mar Thoma diocese of North America and Europe, a church in communion with Reformation, Oriental Orthodox, and Anglican churches. Theophilos has served since 1991 as a member of the executive committee of the World Council of Churches.

1976 David Stanton Barnard (B) has been serving as part-time stated supply pastor at the United Church of Jasper, New York, a merger of Methodist and Presbyterian congregations. He continues his full-time work as school psychologist for the Addison Central Schools. His email address is stanton@linkny.com.

In February, Douglas C. Halvorsen (B) was named president and chief operating officer of The Evergreens, a continuing care retirement community in Moorestown, New Jersey.

1977 Gary Eller (B) is interim pastor at Keyser Presbyterian Church in Keyser, West Virginia.

Larry Farris (B, ’89M) lives in Three Rivers, Michigan, “a wonderful small town.” His book, Dynamics of Small Town Ministry, was recently published by the Alban Institute. His email address is lwfarris@juno.com.

Alison Bonnie Halsey (left) with her husband, William Hathaway (class of 1977), and Jouce Krajian (class of 1977) at Halsey's installation.
Alison Bonnie Halsey (left) with her husband, William Hathaway (Class of 1977), and Joyce Krajian (Class of 1977) at Halsey's installation.

Alison Bonnie Halsey (B) was recently installed as pastor of the First and Franklin Street Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland, a 240-year-old church. A walking stick was presented to her at her installation, as it has been to each pastor at installation since being presented to the first pastor of the church by George Washington.

William Hathaway (B) is pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Annapolis, Maryland. 

Robert R. Kopp (B) writes that he and Rus Howard have collaborated on a new book for 2002: Confessions of Two Irreverends.

Joyce Krajian (B) is executive director of The Bridges Program, a school work program for Philadelphia high school students. She is currently producing a documentary film that presents Bridges as a replicable model to encourage other urban school districts and the private sector in those cities to partner in encouraging young people in the workplace.

John L. Vance (M), pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Tavern, New York, led a winter seminar in Queensbury, New York, titled “The Christian As Parent, Church Member, and Citizen.” He is also adjunct professor of philosophy at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

1978 Hilary H. Battle (B) is retired after serving as a chaplain in the United States Army and at a hospital serving the Ohio Department of Mental Health. He is teaching at a small Bible institution and self-published his first book of sermons, All Things Come of Thee.

Peter Bauer’s (B) email address is 

1980 Kathleen Bostrom (E, ’83B) authored Are Angels Real?, recently published by Tyndale House.

Brad Calhoun (B) began an interim pastorate last September at Glendale Presbyterian Church in Glendale, California.

1981 R. Alex Chamberlain (B) is a hospital chaplain at Saint Luke's Regional Medical Center in Boise, Idaho.  His email address is humorme@micron.net.

William Chancellor (B), after five years operating an independent psychotherapy practice, recently began working as a full-time outpatient therapist for Laurel Behavioral Health in Westfield, Pennsylvania, providing individual and family counseling, mental assessments, and referrals. 

Gervaise Angelo Clarke (M) was featured in the “Extraordinary People” section of Newark, New Jersey’s Sunday Star-Ledger. He is chaplain to the Orange, New Jersey, police and fire departments and rector of the Church of the Epiphany, also in Orange. The article recognized Clarke as the first black to serve as chaplain to both Orange’s police and fire departments, and for, after that first appointment, having been reappointed by the two following mayors. 

1982 William M. “Bill” Hoyle (B) was recently called to pastor Clemmons Presbyterian Church in Clemmons, North Carolina.

Kristen Rouner Jeide (B) writes, “ I continue to work on a part-time basis as ‘minister-at-large’ at Wayzata Community Church (UCC) while tending to my call as mother to our children, who are seven and five years old. I continue to work toward full certification as a spiritual director. I also serve on the board of my parents’ ministry, The Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation. God is doing wonderful work through their forgiveness and reconciliation retreats in Rwanda and Burundi, Africa.” She lives in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

Byron Edward Luckett Jr. (B) retired from the Air Force July 31 and was named honorably retired by the Presbytery de Cristo on August 7. He and his wife, Kathryn (’82E), live in Las Vegas.

Paul D. Matheny (B) has just begun service as a missionary for the PCUSA. At Union Theological Seminary in the Philippines, he is professor of Christian theology and director of the Th.D. program and his wife is professor of biblical studies and Old Testament. He writes, “We have been all over the Philippines visiting poor villages and communities. We were in Payatas where the recent disaster of a garbage slide killed more than 280 people and in Manila during the coup attempt. In fact we were, by accident, very close to the violence.” His email address is matheny@mozcom.com.

1983 Rosemary Jeffries (E), a member of the Sisters of Mercy order, was named president of Georgian Court College in April. Georgian Court, located in Lakewood, New Jersey, is one of only three women’s colleges remaining in the state.

Terry Minchow-Proffitt (B) writes, “I’ve accepted the call as pastor of Delmar Baptist Church in Town and Country, Missouri (the St. Louis area), after serving for seven years as pastor of Broadview Baptist Church in Temple Hills, Maryland. My wife, Sandy, recently graduated from medical school at the University of Maryland and will begin her residency in family practice at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center. We have two children, Zachary, 12, and Hannah, 10. Goodbye Orioles, hello Cardinals! We’d love to hear from you.” His email address is delmarbc@juno.com.

1984 John McCall (’84B) writes, “There is a real hunger [in Taiwan] for spiritual formation, for a way to make a connection between one’s Christian faith and one’s daily life.” Along those lines he recently led a retreat for seventy laypeople called “Make Time for God.” He was also looking forward to leading retreats for aboriginal people and for university chaplains. He teaches preaching, theology and practice of ministry, and a course for laypeople called “The Ministry of the People of God” at Taiwan Theological College and Seminary. “The Spirit is at work here,” he says, “and I count it a privilege to be a partner with the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church at this time.” [See summer/fall 2000 inSpire story by McCall about his experience in Taiwan.]

James C. McCloskey III (B) is the founder of Centurion Ministries, a Princeton-based organization that works to free innocent people from prison. To date, the organization claims to be responsible for freeing and exonerating twenty-two innocent people who have spent an average of fifteen years in prison, serving life sentences or facing the death penalty. McCloskey recently lectured on “Convicting the Innocent in America” at the Fairleigh Dickinson University campus in Madison, New Jersey.

In April, Pamela J. McShane (B) was ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and installed as pastor of Princeton Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.

Amy Sass Sigmon (B) and Lawrence (Mack) McBride Sigmon (’82B) graduated in May from Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia, with D.Min. degrees. They wrote a joint dissertation titled “The Problems and Possibilities of Clergy Couples Serving the Single Parish.” Mack is pastor of Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church and Amy is pastor of the Church of the Reconciler, both in Clearwater, Florida. Classmates can reach them at amymack@tampabay.rr.com.

Deborah (E) and Walter Wagner (’88E) live in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Deborah works at Jerusalem Lutheran Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and Walter retired July 31, after pastoring Christ Lutheran Church in Allentown. He is an adjunct professor at Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem.

Gary Wilburn (P) lives in New Canaan, Connecticut, with his wife, Bev. He was recently appointed to the Waveny Care Center Board of Directors and will serve as a liaison between Waveny and the New Canaan Clergy Association.

1985 Stephen Heinzel-Nelson (B) earned a D.Min. from Columbia Theological Seminary in May. He lives in Allentown, New Jersey.

Antonia Malone made new friends on a recent trip to Haiti.

Antonia Malone (E) offered a Lenten reflection in March on traditional works of mercy as found in Matthew 25:31–46, at St. Mary’s Parish in Colts Neck, New Jersey. She is professor of religious studies at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, and a founder of New Jersey Pax Christi, a branch of the International Catholic Peace Movement.

Rodney Petersen (D) coedited and contributed a chapter to Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Religion, Public Policy, and Conflict Transformation, published by Templeton Foundation Press in May. He is executive director of Boston Theological Institute and lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

Katherine Jameson Pitts (B) began a new pastorate as copastor of Community Mennonite Church in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in February. She previously served Salina Mennonite Church in Salina, Kansas. Her email address is kjpitts@mennonite.net.

1986 Carol M. Norén (D) was recently promoted to full professor at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, where she holds the Wesley W. Nelson Chair of Homiletics. She has also been named contributing editor of The Minister’s Manual, an annual publication by Jossey-Bass.

Audrey Schindler (B) has recently been appointed director of continuing education for the Synod of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. 

Cindy Strickler (B) is director of pastoral care at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, New Jersey. She recently led a series of seminars titled “A Healing Ministry for Today” at the Presbyterian Church of Falling Spring in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Her husband, David, pastors the Hungarian Reformed Church in Manville, New Jersey.

1987 Martin R. Ankrum (B) was installed in March as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

Timothy W. Crowley (B) is an attorney with Cummings & Lockwood. He lives in Madison, Connecticut.

Peter Kim (B) has been pastor of the Community Presbyterian Church of Bellflower in Bellflower, California, since Christmas 2000.

Joseph Castleberry (center) at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new church building in Quito, Ecuador.

1988 Joseph L. Castleberry (B) is currently serving as academic dean of the Assemblies of God seminary in Quito and directing a new church-planting/community development project among Afro-equatorian people in northern Ecuador. He finished his Ed.D. degree in international educational development at Teachers College, Columbia University. His email address is josephcastleberry@hotmail.com.

Lisa Larsen Henderson (B) serves as parish associate at the First Presbyterian Church in Livermore, California, so she can be a stay-at-home mom for her baby, Colin, and two-year-old, Ryan. She writes, “I’m delighted to keep my hand in ministry without sacrificing the at-home experience with my sons.”

David Huegel (B) is the developer and founding pastor of a Spanish-language Disciples of Christ congregation in Sugarland, Texas, named Iglesia Cristiana Renacer (New Birth Christian Church).

Forbes Walker (M), after spending twelve years as a parish minister near Glasgow, Scotland, is now a full-time school chaplain in a large, coed day and boarding school in Ascot, near Windsor. The school has a Christian foundation and worship tradition, but, he writes, it “nevertheless comprises people of many other faiths and of none,” which is “a challenge and a refreshing change from parish ministry.” His email address is revfw@hotmail.com.

1989 Michael J. Avila (M) presented a workshop in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, titled “Adults in Transition: Retirement in the Twenty-first Century.” He belongs to the Sojourners Family Resource Center.

Young Ho Kim (M) is the pastor of Hansarang Jesus Church in Cresskill, New Jersey.

Irene King (B) is the director of Community Partnerships and Service Learning for Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York. Her email address is tortugahonduras@hotmail.com.

Since 1998, Allan C. Lane (B) has been serving as minister of Coldstream Presbyterian Church in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His email address is allanclane@aol.com.

Daniel J. Lundquist (B) was ordained on November 5, 2000, in the United Church of Christ and is currently the interim pastor at Rutherford Congregational Church in Rutherford, New Jersey. He and his wife, Mary Kate (’92B), live in Belle Mead, New Jersey.

1990 Edward Harper (B) pastors Macedonia Baptist Church in Marlboro, New Jersey.

1991 Glenn Perica (B) recently earned a Doctor of Ministry from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is head of staff at Central Presbyterian Church in Longmont, Colorado. His email address is glenn@centralpres.net.

Beth M. Sheppard (B) is reference librarian and instructor in biblical studies at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, where she and her husband, James, live.

1992 Jim Newton (P) is minister of spiritual growth at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ in Des Moines, Iowa.

1993 Mark Barger Elliot (B) wrote Creative Styles of Preaching, recently published by Westminster John Knox Press. He is pastor of Riverside Presbyterian Church in Riverside, Illinois.

Patricia M. B. Kitchen (B), associate pastor of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, has shifted her responsibilities from adult education to mission.

Joseph Samuel Pagano (B) earned a Ph.D. in religious studies at Marquette University in May. His dissertation is titled “The Origins and Development of the Triadic Structure of Faith in H. Richard Niebuhr: A Study of the Kantian and Pragmatic Background of Niebuhr’s Thought.”

1994 Minoru Nakano (M) writes, “I finally finished my dissertation and submitted it to Claremont Graduate University (New Testament studies). I received my Ph.D. in January 2001. In April, I started teaching at Tokyo Union Theological Seminary as a full-time lecturer in New Testament.”

David Widmer (B) is associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Manasquan, New Jersey.

1995 Susan S. Alloway (B) is studying spiritual direction at San Francisco Theological Seminary, conducting spiritual direction and retreats, and doing pulpit supply. She is “poor but happy.” 

Martie Sharp Bradley (E) and her husband, David, recently purchased a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their email address is martbrad@hotmail.com.

Kye Won Lee (M) is an instructor in theology at Sydney College of Divinity in Sydney, Australia, and founding pastor of a Korean Presbyterian congregation there. His email address is kyewon.lee@wima.edu.au.

Maryla K. Meagher (B) is the first woman pastor/head of staff of the First Presbyterian Church in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, an inner-ring suburb of Philadelphia. Her email address is marylak@msn.com.

Donna Ray (B) and Harry Van Buren (’95B) have a five-year-old daughter, Annelise, and a new baby girl, Tessa Clare. They live in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where Harry teaches in the business school at the University of Northern Iowa and Donna is pursuing ordination in the Episcopal Church. Their email addresses are donnaeray@aol.com and harryvb@aol.com.

Raquel A. St. Clair (B) spoke at a Founder’s Day luncheon of the North Shore Area Section of the National Council of Negro Women, on the topic of “Leave No One Behind…Sisters Stepping Out and Making Greater Strides.” She is executive minister of St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church in Newark, New Jersey, and a Ph.D. candidate at PTS.

Frank M. Yamada (B) is instructor of Old Testament at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. His email address is fyamada@seabury.edu.

1996 Dwight P. Davidson (B) and his wife, Kari, will be commissioned as American Baptist Churches (USA) international missionaries to Yokohama, Japan, this fall. Dwight will be teaching in the Kanto Gakuin mission schools of the Japan Baptist Union and working with churches in the area. His email address is dkasdavidson@worldnet.att.net.

George R. Gunn Jr. (B) was recently featured in the “CEO Portrait” section of Philadelphia Business Journal. He is the vice chairman and chief executive officer of ACTS Retirement-Life Communities in West Point, Pennsylvania. In the profile, Gunn remarked that his best decision was “to follow my heart to ‘bag’ a thirty-year career in the advertising agency business at age fifty-three and to go to seminary,” and that his worst decision was “wrestling too long with the decision to go to seminary.” 

Amy Jelensperger

Amy Jelensperger (B) recently became the minister of the three churches in the Elk County Presbyterian Parish in Pennsylvania: the First Presbyterian Church in Ridgway, Wilcox Presbyterian Church, and Elkton Presbyterian Church in Dagus Mines. Jelensperger says, “I like to think of it as one church with a whole lot of people.”

Ross Purdy (B) was installed in March as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Burbank, California.

Michael Wilson (B) pastors Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, Pennsylvania, a historic church founded in 1711. He and his wife, Tricia, have a toddler, Julia.

Richard Zeigler (B) is involved in campus ministry at Middle Tennessee State University. 

1997 Richard K. Gelson (B) was installed in January as associate pastor of Lower Providence Presbyterian Church in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. His ministry focuses on spiritual discipline and growth. His email address is revgel@altavista.com

Heather Shoup (B) was ordained May 27 in Oak Park, Illinois, and has begun her call as associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Lawrence, Kansas. She is responsible primarily for outreach to Kansas University, contemporary worship, and adult education. Her email address is heather@minister.com.

1998 Carmen Aiken (B) recently moved to Texas with her new husband, Donald Isaac, whom she married in Miller Chapel this May. Her email address is mrscisaac@msn.com.

Andrew Chaney (B) was installed in February as associate pastor at Providence Presbyterian Church on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. His email address is islandchaneys@aol.com.

Natalie W. Ford (B) pastors the F7irst Presbyterian Church in Cleveland, Oklahoma.

Greg B. Jones (B) is a Ph.D. student at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and assistant vice president and senior technical officer at JPMorganChase and Company. His email address is gj64@columbia.edu.

Richard Kannwischer (B) was called as pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey. He and his wife, Kelly Beckham Kannwischer (’99B), lived in Houston until recently.

Jake Kim (B) is “having a great time in the ministry here at the Second Congregational Church in Rockford, Illinois! What price can you put on personal happiness?” His email address is jubilee47@aol.com.

Jeffrey E. Lee (M) joined the Institutional Ethics Committee of St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, New Jersey. He is pastor of the Church of St. Joachim, also in Trenton.

Chad C. Pecknold (b) is pursuing a Ph.D. in systematic theology at Cambridge University under the supervision of David Ford.

Jay Rowland (B) writes, “I now serve as associate pastor for the First Presbyterian Church in Rochester, Minnesota, after my first call as solo pastor in Norriton, Pennsylvania, for two and a half years. I’m having a great time! I love being part of a staff and being able to specialize in pastoral care and hospital visitation (here in the home of the Mayo Clinic) and in Christian education. I’ve never been more excited about ministry and serving Christ and his people. I am so thankful. It’s like being in seminary again, but it’s ‘real.’ Former friends and classmates, please email me—we’re losing touch!” His email address is fpc_jay32@hotmail.com.

Elizabeth Terrill (B, ’99M) is pastor of the St. Peter United Church of Christ in Wadesville, Indiana. She was ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament in the UCC earlier this year.

Daniel White (B) lives in Naperville, Illinois, and is pastor for worship and young adults at Christ Church of Oak Brook.

1999 Darrell LaRue Armstrong (B) was honored by his congregation, Shiloh Baptist Church of Trenton, New Jersey, when they hosted an event to celebrate his first anniversary as pastor of their church. Armstrong is only the church’s third pastor in the last one hundred years!

Matthew Fry (B) is pastor of the United Presbyterian Church in Freeport, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Melissa, welcomed their first child, Kayla, on February 19. The proud parents have pictures on display on their web site at http://frydays.homestead.com/index.html.  Matt’s email address is upcf@penn.com.

Jeff Towne (B) is pastor of youth mission and ministry at University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, Washington, where he lives with his wife, Carin (’99b).

2000 Amy Elizabeth Salmon Lincoln (B) was called in October as associate pastor for family ministry at the First Presbyterian Church in Mendham, New Jersey, and was ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament in December. She married Jeffrey Lincoln in September. She writes, “The year 2000 is one I won’t soon forget!” The couple now lives in Neshanic Station, New Jersey. Amy’s email address is amy.lincoln@verizon.net.

Carol Ann North (B) is an English teacher in the Prince George’s Public Schools in Washington, D.C.

Sam Park (B) is the youth director at Arumdaun Presbyterian Church in Plainview, New York.

2001 Jeffrey E. Ugoretz (B) is pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Hamilton, New Jersey. His email address is theophilus@writeme.com.

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