Spring 2001
Volume 5 Number 3

Weddings and Births


Betty Burris and Henry E. Moore (’63M), May 26, 2000

Elsie McKee (’82D) and John A. McGlaughlin, January 1, 2001

Holly Atkinson and Galen Guengerich (’85B), November 18, 2000

Jacqueline Lewis (’92B) and Anthony Tillman, September 2, 2000
Kristi Hansen and John Caterson (’93B), December 10, 2000
Tamara “Tami” Seidel (’95B, ’96M) and Charles “Chip” Low (’96B), June 7, 1997
Michelle Dobbs and Brian Frederick (’96B), May 28, 2000
Alison L. Siener and Thomas A. Brown (’99B, E), November 18, 2000
Shelly Satran (’00B) and Kent Annan (’99B), December 30, 2000


Luke Isaac to Sue Campbell and John Kiloran Lawson (’83B), November 6, 2000
Christiana Joy and Caroline Grace to Lorraine Dill (’84B) and
Donald Perry, December 17, 1999
Isaac Daniel to Cecilia and David (’88B) Huegel, May 6, 2000
Mackenzie Jane to Amy and Rob (’98B) Hammock, July 5, 2000
Calvin Emil to Elisabeth (’99B) and Darren (’99B) Kennedy, May 20, 2000
Anna Noel to Lori (’00B) and Bryan (’98B) Bass-Riley, December 23, 2000
Bailey Jane to Melinda Oswald Hoyt (’00B) and Matt Hoyt (’00B), October 18, 1999

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