Spring 2001
Volume 5 Number 3

On the cover -
Crazy paint, spilt milk, cute smiles, and heartrending cries are all part of what children bring to our lives. Kathy Whalen, mother of two of the children on the cover (Spiderman and his unhappy sister!), used photos and a painting by the PTS childcare center’s infants to illustrate this idea of disruptive grace.

A World of Students: Valuable Exchanges
Students come to Princeton from all around the world. Who are they and how did they get here?
by Kent Annan

Welcome Them in My Name
In celebration of the Year of the Child, PTS faculty and staff reflect on the challenges and rewards of parenting; children’s art is displayed; the Center for Children’s development is updated.
by members of the PTS faculty and staff

Fighting for Children and Parents
Society’s effects on children and parents is examined at a PTS conference, and participants consider how the church can respond.
by Kent Annan

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A World of Students: Valuable Exchanges
Welcome Them in My Name
Fighting for Children and Parents


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