Spring 2001
Volume 5 Number 3


Key to Abbreviations:
Upper-case letters designate degrees earned at PTS:
M.Div.   D.Min. P
M.R.E.   Th.D. D
M.A.   Ph.D. D
Th.M.  M
Special undergraduate student     U
Special graduate student              G

When an alumnus/a did not receive a degree, a lower-case letter corresponding to those above designates the course of study.

1929 Barnerd M. Luben (b) wrote Episodes, a serious and humorous account of his long and active service in the church around the world. Included in the book are several tales from his time at Princeton. Episodes is available for $12 from The Archivist of the Reformed Church, 21 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Luben also asks, “Are there any other survivors of 1929? I have so much for which to repent the Lord is giving me extra time!”

1936 John Marvin (B) is retired and lives in a nursing home in Silver Spring, Maryland.

1939 William MacCalmont (B) writes from Warwick, New York, “I will always appreciate and remember the several years I studied at the Seminary and the opportunities I have had to serve the church and the Seminary. The Lord has been good to me!"

Kemper Y. Taylor (B) mourns the passing of his wife, Gladys, who died on July 15, 2000, at age eighty-five. The Taylors were married for sixty years. 

1943 John R. Bodo (M, ’52D)’s latest book, Who They Really Were: Preaching on Biblical Personalities, is available from CSS Publishing Company in Lima, Ohio.

Donald R. Fletcher (B) is enjoying excellent health since undergoing cancer surgery in 1999. He is now taking advantage of the chance to write.

1945 John David Burton (B, ’51M) is interim pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, his eleventh interim position since 1984. He continues research—initiated as a visiting scholar at PTS during the spring 2000 semester—on surviving/thriving in parish ministry and on a denominational evaluation of interim ministry.

1947 Jiri Carda (B) and his wife, Manka, work with the Evangelical Church of the Czech Brethren in the Czech Republic. They recently spent one month in Locarno, Switzerland, at the International Ecumenical Center, where they enjoyed many discussions with people from churches across Europe. Carda preaches in the town of Rana, where there is no pastor.

Leroy Dillener (B) transferred from Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery to Genesee Valley Presbytery, where he is active as pulpit supply.

1949 William R. Stackhouse (B) is thankful that he and his wife, Joan, recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary, with all three of their children, their children’s spouses, and ten grandchildren present.

1952 Donald R. Kocher (B) recently served as guest preacher for the 125th anniversary celebration of Huguenot Memorial Church in Pelham Manor, New York, a church he served as pastor from 1975 to 1982. Since his retirement from the pastorate in 1991, Kocher has been involved with the First Prebyterian Church in Philadelphia. He is currently a parish associate in that congregation. In 1998, his interest in the history of that church prompted him to write a tercentenary history of the congregation, The Mother of Us All. Kocher now lives in a retirement community for Presbyterian ministers and missionaries in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

1953 Ormond L. Hampton (B) and his wife, Nan, are enjoying their retirement “in a wonderful retirement community in the beautiful town of Lititz, Pennsylvania, which was founded by the Moravians.”

1954 Virgil L. Jones (B) is working on his memoirs after having served as the university minister for the United Campus Christian Ministry at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, for twenty years.

David V. Yeaworth (B) recently completed an interim pastorate at Princeton Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Pennsylvania. The church’s name was suggested by PTS professor Samuel Miller’s wife in the 1800s, when the church was established in Philadelphia.

Horbach’s Prayer:

“Eternal God, by whom alone we allC. Frederick Horbach (right) with U.S. Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo exist, through whom alone we are all sustained, in whom alone we all must seek direction and find purpose; We confess that we are a nation in progress ever seeking to fulfill a divine mandate to establish liberty and justice for all the people. As such, we need your guiding hand along the way of our pilgrimage. Look with favor, we pray, upon this our nation and grant your blessing for the journey. Equip, O Lord, the President of the United States, members of Congress, and all others in authority with uncommon wisdom, unwavering courage, and unfailing dedication to seek, to know, and to do your will. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

1956 Betty Kurtz Hamilton (e) enjoyed a “wonderful” trip to Greece, where she followed the journeys of the Apostle Paul with classmates Al (’55B, ’78P) and Wylene (’56e) Davies. 

C. Frederick Horbach (B) accepted the invitation of United States House of Representatives chaplain Daniel P. Coughlin and Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo to serve as guest chaplain on June 22, 2000, in the House of Representatives. He says, “To pray on the floor of the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., where the course of our nation’s history has been shaped and formed, is an extremely exciting and deeply humbling experience that defies comparison.” Though retired, Horbach continues to serve as temporary pastor of Memorial Presbyterian Church in Vineland, New Jersey. 

Robert V. Hotchkiss (b) retired as stated clerk of the Synod of the Trinity (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and the Upper Ohio Valley) at the end of 2000.

Thalia (Pagler) (E) and Charles (’58B) Munion write from Litchfield, New Hampshire, “PTS has been one of the great high points in our lives. We benefited greatly by our education at PTS. We have many fond memories that we cherish. Greetings to PTS personnel and to all our classmates.” 

1957 Robert Barnes (B) is a member of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Team. He recently received a special service award from the Emergency Response Program of Church World Service, the relief arm of the National Council of Churches.

Robert W. MacGregor (B) is serving the people of Lebanon as a country director for the International Executive Service Corps, which brings American experts to Lebanon as volunteers to help create jobs. He is also president of the Indevco Foundation in Beirut. Their major project this year is constructing a new building to house a center for civic responsibility and leadership at the Lebanese American University. MacGregor’s email address is rwmacg@dm.net.lb . 

Lloyd Swenson (B) and his wife, June, recently moved into their new home in Palm Desert, California. They are enjoying many activities, including golf and bicycling.

1959 Len Bjorkman (B, ’60M) was aboard a January flight to Baghdad that defied the United Nations economic sanctions on Iraq. The plane carried more than $150,000 in humanitarian aid, as well as Jordanian doctors and nurses and U.S. advocacy groups. Bjorkman, who is part of an advocacy group committed to lifting the sanctions, told the Presbyterian News Service, “We see ourselves as going to Iraq as an act of apology and repentance for the role our government has played in maintaining the sanctions and, also, the suffering. We’re trying to say to them, ‘We’re really sorry.’ And when we come back, we’ll do more to end the sanctions.”

Arnold Leverenz (B) lives in Duarte, California, with his wife, where he conducts a chorus and she teaches art classes.

1960 Douglas D. Hall (B) is serving as interim pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Savanna, Illinois. 

1961 George Hollingshead (B, ’72M) retired on January 31 from Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, where he had served as associate pastor since 1978. One of his major projects was the establishment of the Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line, an interchurch ecumenical program for helping local homeless families. George and his wife, Roberta, recently returned from a vacation trip to Hawaii.  

1962 In Cambridge, England, Jerome W. Berryman II (B, ’96P) led two workshops in January on godly play, a Montessori-based approach to spiritual development for children that involves storytelling and props while children sit in a circle. The workshops were presented by the Centre for Jewish Education in London and the Faculty of Divinity of Cambridge University. More information about this approach is available at www.godlyplay.com

1963 Thomas M. Johnston (M) retired on January 1 after twelve years as synod executive of the Synod of the Trinity, which serves West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the Upper Ohio Valley.

1964 Francis L. Strock (B) is retired, lives in Belmar, New Jersey, and serves three healthcare facilities as chaplain.

1965 Genevieve Metz Dox (E) pastors the First Congregational Church of Norwood, United Church of Christ, in Norwood, New York. Her email address is gendox@aol.com

Marvin D. Hoff (M) serves as the executive director of the Foundation for Theological Education in South East Asia. He works with more than ninety seminaries, including eighteen newly opened seminaries in China. With the Chinese seminaries, he is leading a project to computerize all of them, and developing a bibliography of theological resources on the Internet for Chinese faculty and students. He recently was one of five members of a team that assessed theological education in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Robert E. Larson Jr. (B) is serving his fifth interim pastorate, this one at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

1966 David R. Snyder (B) is pastor of Westmont Presbyterian Church in Westmont, Pennsylvania. This year, the congregation of more than 500 members is celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary with the theme “Let Us Rejoice!” 

1967 Elizabeth D. Beck (B) pastors the First Presbyterian Church in Emmett, Idaho. She and her husband, David L. Beck (’65B, ’66M, ’73D), who is retired, live in Boise, Idaho.

1968 Lowery M. Brantley (b) was appointed district superintendent of the Americus District in the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. His duties involve supervising sixty-five pastors and eighty-three churches. His email address is americusds@planttel.net

Barbara Eldred (E, ’79B)’s fifteenth year as area minister for the American Baptist Church in the Kansas City, Kansas, area began in January. Her husband, O. John Eldred (’65M), is retired after serving as a pastor, an area minister, and a seminary professor.

1969 Roger Uittenbogaard (B) was elected executive presbyter of Donegal Presbytery in Pennsylvania in January. After twenty-two years of service, he left Trinity Presbyterian Church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, for this position. 

1970 Eugene W. Beutel (M, ’75P) and his wife, Dolores, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on June 24, 2000. They live in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

1971 Lynn D. Cairns (B) is still serving Mill Creek Parish, a Methodist church in Rockville, Maryland. He is also a volunteer chaplain in the Civil Air Patrol and flies a small single-engine aircraft.

Thomas Drake (B) has returned to his hometown of Auburn, New York, to serve as pastor of Calvary Presbyterian Church.

John Givens (B) and his wife, Abby, live in Nevada City, California, and are busy restoring an old home built in 1867. They are active in their parish, Trinity Episcopal Church. Givens writes, “Abby has finally retired from medicine after practicing as a pediatric dermatologist. Our daughter, Sarah, is a senior at the University of California at San Diego. I am still working full speed ahead as an investment banker for Menke and Associates, Inc. in San Francisco.” His email address is jgivens@gv.net

1972 George Abdo (B) completed his Ph.D. in religion and social ethics at the University of Southern California in April 2000. He now serves USC as the associate vice president for university advancement.

Randall Paul Luther (b) recently began a pastorate at the Cross United Church of Christ in Berne, Indiana. Luther and his wife, Carol, have four children and four grandchildren.

Bill Spencer (B, ’75M) is now adjunct associate professor of theology and the arts at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Aida Spencer (’73B, ’75M), live in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

Paul Theophilus (M) is the director of the Alliance Bible Seminary Centre of Canada in Ontario, Canada. 

Jack R. Van Ens (’72B, ’76M, ’84P) recently published How Jefferson Made the Best of Bad Messes. The book looks at “the personal, private Jefferson,” particularly his religious convictions and how they helped him through personal and political trials. However, Van Ens does not stay only in history with Jefferson. He also examines America’s recent political landscape and finds that Jefferson offers guidance for today. To order the book, contact Van Ens through his email address vanensfam@juno.com  or on the Internet at www.majestyministries.org. He lives in Arvada, Colorado.

1973 Hugh A. MacKenzie (B, ’87M) recently returned from a 270-day tour with the Army Reserves in support of the peace-keeping effort in Kosovo. He has also been appointed a commissioner of the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolutionary War by former New Jersey governor Christie Todd Whitman, a position in which he will work with a committee to organize appropriate commemoration of the war. 

Gail Ricciuti (B) is associate professor of homiletics at Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Crozer Theological Seminary in Rochester, New York. She loves to teach preaching and is glad to have more free time after many years as a pastor. Her husband, Anthony Ricciutti (’71B), is in his last year of the graduate program at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. He is writing a thesis on economic justice issues and the biblical narrative in Acts. He has also been caring for his parents, who live in Toronto, between commuting home to Rochester for part of each week. 

George Rolling (B) pastors Watauga Avenue Presbyterian Church in Johnson City, Tennessee.

1974 Stephen D. Glazier (B) has authored The Encyclopedia of African and African American Religion, recently published by Routledge, Inc. He lives in Kearney, Nebraska, and is a professor at the University of Nebraska.

Kirby Keller (M) is president of the Evangelical School of Theology and lives with his wife, Carol, in Myerstown, Pennsylvania.

1975 Thomas G. Bandy (B) recently formed the partnership of Easum, Bandy, and Associates for leadership consultation and training among congregations and denominations across North America. During the 1990s, he served as the national officer for congregational mission and evangelism for the United Church of Canada. Bandy also travels extensively as a speaker, trainer, and consultant for postmodern church development and transformation, and he has published several books on the topic with Abingdon Press. He is also the editor of and a regular columnist for the cross-denominational church development magazine Net Results.

1976 David C. Huffman (B) is in his twentieth year as pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. In his time there, the congregation has grown from 165 to 520 members. He was elected moderator of New Hope Presbytery for 2001.

1977 Jonathan Carlisle (B) was recently called as pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Coshocton, Ohio. He steps into this church following Robert Millspaugh (’55B), an interim and a former pastor of the congregation.

William D. Howden (B, ’86D), pastor of the Windham Hill United Church of Christ in Windham, Maine, edited The Pulpit Leads the World: Preaching and Preachers in Nineteenth-Century America, which appeared as a special double issue of ATQ: A Journal of Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture (September and December 2000). Two of the nine essays were authored by PTS graduates: Howden wrote “Seeing Social Class in the Sermons of The New York Times” and Beverly Zink-Sawyer (’79B) wrote “From Preachers to Suffragists: Enlisting the Pulpit in the Early Movement for Woman’s Rights.” Zink-Sawyer is associate professor of preaching and worship at Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia. 

David Thorp (B) directed a retreat sponsored by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the Scranton Diocese last fall. He currently serves as evangelization director at St. Patrick’s Parish in Natick, Massachusetts, and writes daily reflections for Share the World magazine.

1979 Gary Dorrien (M, E)Gary Dorrien gave the inaugural lecture of his tenure as the first Ann V. and Donald R. Parfet Distinguished Professor at Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in February. His lecture was titled “Hegelian Spirit and Holy Spirit: Theology, Myth, and Divine Transcendence.” He is currently working on a three-volume history of American theological liberalism.

Silas Pinto (M), who serves as pastor of the Brazilian Presbyterian Church in Orlando, Florida, has joined the Office of Immigrant Group Ministries in the Evangelism and Church Development Program Area of the National Ministries Division (PCUSA) as field staff. He has developed and pastored new churches in Chicago and Brazil, his native land.

Kenneth C. Schlueter (M) retired from his position as chaplain/pastoral care director at Northland Lutheran Retirement Community in May 2000. He now serves as associate staff pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

1980 Kathleen Bostrom (E, ’83B) received her Doctor of Ministry in preaching from McCormick Seminary in June 2000. Two of her books, What Is God Like? and Who Is Jesus?, have now been translated into ten languages. She has new children’s books coming out with Geneva Press, Tyndale House, and Zondervan. She and her husband, Greg Bostrom (’83B), copastor Wildwood Presbyterian Church in Wildwood, Illinois.

Mary Crist Brown (B) earned a Th.D. in pastoral counseling and works as a part-time pastoral counselor in Atlanta, Georgia. She is also supervisor-in-training in clinical pastoral education at the Emory Center for Pastoral Services. Her book Free to Believe: Liberating Images of God for Women was published in 2000 by Pilgrim Press. Her email address is marycristb@aol.com

Donald Lincoln (B) was installed as pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in October 2000. His email address is dlincoln@westminsterpc.org.

Lincoln Griswold (B, '75P) is board chair for Special Care, Inc. in Erdenheim, Pennsylvania. 

1981 Hugh J. Matlack (B, ’84M) is in his fifth year as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Stanhope, New Jersey. He teaches an introductory philosophy class at the County College of Morris and serves on the Bloomfield College Chaplaincy Board. For three years, Matlack has been part of the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NOBS), an organization that encourages the memorized retelling of Scripture. He has, for example, memorized the Sermon on the Mount and recounted it. He enjoys bringing Scripture to life for churches and other audiences.

1982 Brad Binau (M, ’87D) was the featured lecturer at North Salem Lutheran Church’s 150th anniversary celebration. The church is in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Binau recently went on sabbatical from his duties as associate professor of pastoral theology at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, and visited Lutherans and lectured in Estonia and in St. Petersburg, Russia. He and his wife, the Reverend Ann Palmerton (’86B), have two children. 

Matthew Blanzy (’82B) is a software engineer for AEgis Technologies Group working with web-based course development. He and his wife, Darlene, and their three children, Kirsten, Devin, and Aubrey, live in Oviedo, Florida. His email address is mattblanzy@cs.com.

Michael J. Gorman (B, ’89D) is dean and professor of New Testament at the Ecumenical Institute of Theology in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Karen Haak (B) is the interim copastor of the Church of the Covenant, a federated UCC/PCUSA congregation one block from the Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts. Last year she was certified as an interim ministry specialist; she is also on the faculty for interim education for the Presbyterian Church (USA). Her email address is coctkh@hotmail.com.

Robert W. Hermanson (B) wrote Berechiah: Under the Shadow of the Almighty, a novel he describes as “fiction built within historical and prophetic information found within the Old Testament.” His story, published by Dorrance Publishing, focuses on the fictional Zadikite clan and its relationship with the biblically documented Rechabite clan.

Joyce Rife (B) will give the keynote address at the Association of Smaller Congregations’ annual conference this spring. Her address, “Gifts We Bring,” will emphasize the value of smaller congregations.

1983 Thomas Beagan (B) moved from Detroit to Pittsburgh to serve as executive director of LOGOS System Associates. LOGOS trains, resources, and supports adults in the development of a congregational system of ministry that builds Christian relationships, nurtures youth and children into a committed faith relationship with Christ, and prepares them for a life of discipleship. Beagan writes, “This ministry truly makes a difference in the lives of youth and children; I haven’t seen anything else like it.” His email address is tmblogos@email.msn.com.

Lynn Bujnak (B) began in September 2000 as the coordinator of ministerial formation with the Parish Life and Leadership Team of the United Church of Christ, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Her responsibilities include developing programs to identify, equip, and support those called to ordained ministry in the United Church of Christ. She recently earned her D.Min. from Bangor Theological Seminary. Her email address is bujnakl@ucc.org

Henry (M) and Alice Helen Dueck (E), although officially retired, are involved in the production of Spanish Christian education materials and also conduct workshops for writers. 

Marvin McMickle (P) was the featured speaker at a massive Voter Education Rally on November 4, 2000, sponsored by the Columbus Get-Out-The-Vote Coalition in Columbus, Ohio. He also delivered the keynote address at the Tuscarawas County Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in January. McMickle is pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

1984 Bryan Catlett-Sirchio (B) is ordained in the United Church of Christ and has been working in full-time music ministry since 1987. His concerts feature his playing guitar and piano and his singing, as well as audience participation.

M. Lorraine Dill (B) is serving as interim associate pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Venice, Florida.

Terry Johnson (B, ’86M), pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Wheeling, West Virginia, led two workshops at the thirty-ninth annual School of Religion sponsored by the Wheeling Council of Churches last fall. Johnson presented the “ABCs of Preaching and Reading” and “Roots of the Reformation.” The School of Religion is a four-week, interfaith program.

Joanne Miller (B), codirector of Grace Counseling Center in Mendham, New Jersey, co-led a seminar for the community in February titled “Finding Time for the Family.” The workshop explored ways of creating quality time and learning how to identify and deal with obstacles to togetherness. She is a member associate of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

1985 Victoria C. Brown (E) completed her M.Div. at San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1999 and was ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament in the PCUSA in March 2000. Vicky and her husband, Dwayne Brown (B), were installed as designated copastors of the First Presbyterian Church of Roseburg, Oregon, in June 2000. Their email address is dwanviky@cdsnet.net

Lois Wolff (B) is serving as interim pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Hudson Falls, New York.

1986 James Kim Crutchfield (B) is a missionary serving at Union Theological Seminary in Dasmarińas, Cavite, Philippines, with the United Methodist General Board of Global Missions.

Justice Kwamina Ayemin Dadson (M) was appointed the first bishop of the Cape Coast Diocese of the Methodist Church in Ghana when the church adopted episcopal leadership in January 2000.

1987 William DeLong (B) writes, “All is well as I continue to supervise students as a CPE supervisor at BroMenn Healthcare in Bloomington, Illinois. However, I recently accepted the position as editor of Chaplaincy Today, the journal of the Association of Professional Chaplains. I am impressed with the kind of ministry that continues outside of the church walls in the form of chaplaincy throughout the world. This journal helps professional chaplains stay in tune with the latest in research, theology, and the behavioral sciences.” His email address is huhn_delong@msn.com

Patricia Lynn Reilly (B) has founded WomanChurch, a ministry that advocates feminine imagery of God, and Open Window Creations, which offers workshops and lectures for women on spirituality, creativity, and self-esteem. She calls her message “an invitation to women to come home to themselves and to the richness of who they are, to grow in knowledge and love of themselves, to vow faithfulness to their own lives and capacities, and to remain loyal to themselves regardless.” Reilly lives and works in Oakland, California. Her services at WomanChurch aim to broaden images of the divine to include the feminine.

1988 John Hilley (B, ’90m) is executive director of a social entrepreneurial nonprofit called Community IMPACT!, which seeks to strengthen neighborhoods by educating youth, starting businesses, and teaching financial literacy. His wife, Janet Hilley (B), works for Scholastic Book Fairs. They reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

1989 James R. Haner (P) lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and serves as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church.

Michael O. Thomas (B) is now serving as pastor of Payne Memorial AME Church in Baltimore, Maryland.

1990 Kirk A. Bingaman (B) recently completed the requirements for a Ph.D. in psychology and religion from the Graduate Theological Union at the University of California, Berkeley. Bingaman is in clinical practice at San Francisco Theological Seminary, where he also teaches in the psychology and pastoral counseling department.

1991 Nancy Jo Clendenin Dederer (B) writes, “I have become pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Homewood, Illinois. I’m excited about this change after nine and a half years as associate pastor at Manassas Presbyterian Church in Manassas, Virginia.”

Ernest Flores (B) has been serving as pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Germantown in Philadelphia since 1997. Last year the church was cited as one of five model churches for renewal and growth and for innovative community and youth ministries by the General Board of American Baptist Churches USA. In the past three years, this racially diverse congregation has welcomed ninety new members—a 33% increase in membership. Flores and his wife, Deborah, have two daughters, Armida, 4, and Rachel, 2. His email address is shepherdeast@aol.com. 

Anne (B) and Stanley McAnelly (’92B) have moved to Westhampton Beach Presbyterian Church in Westhampton Beach, New York. 

Calvin D. Redmond (M) received his Ph.D. in New Testament from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1997 and is presently professor of biblical theology and dean of academic affairs at the International School of Theology located in Manila, Philippines. His email address is redmond@i-manila.com.ph. 

Beth M. (Emerich) Sheppard (B) earned her Ph.D. in biblical studies from the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England. Her dissertation was titled “The Gospel of John: A Roman Legal and Rhetorical Perspective.”

1992 Jack Moriarty (M) is pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Roswell, New Mexico. His email address is easteruprising@canada.com

David Robertson (B, ’93M) earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of London in September. Forthcoming from Cornell University Press is his compilation and partial translation of two volumes of a three-volume Sourcebook in Later Greek Philosophy for the Ancient Commentators Project of King’s College, London. For the spring 2001 term, he is teaching Latin at Fordham University in New York City. 

John Shuck (B) writes, “I have accepted a call to the First Presbyterian Church of Billings, Montana, after eight and a half wonderful years as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Lowville, New York. Even as it is hard to leave the great friends we have made in upstate New York, it is good to be back home in Montana. Bev and I were married at the First Presbyterian of Billings in 1983!” His email address is shucks9@home.com. 

1993 Robert D. Higgs (B) pastors the First Presbyterian Church of California in California, Pennsylvania. He has previously been a pastor in Zambia, Africa, and most recently was an interim pastor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Gary Sallquist (B) is now the director of strategic development for the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, an organization that works to protect children and families from pornography and its messages.

Last fall, Ian Taylor (M) accepted the invitation to preach at the dedication of new church facilities at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, where he interned during his studies at PTS. Taylor is currently minister of Viewfield Parish Church in Stirling, Scotland.

1994 R. Todd Bouldin (B) graduated from the University of Tennessee College of Law in May 2000, where he served as managing editor of The Tennessee Law Review and as chair of the Speaker Series. He passed the Tennessee bar in October 2000 and is now an attorney at the Nashville office of Wyatt, Tarrant, & Combs, concentrating in corporate, healthcare, immigration, and international law. He also teaches an adult Sunday school class at the Woodmont Hills Church of Christ and was recently published in The Christian Chronicle. His email address is tbouldin@wyattfirm.com

Alice Hugh Brown (E) was the presenter of “Scriptural Foundation for Social Ministry” and “Catholic Social Teaching,” two sessions of a social ministry training course offered through the Catholic Charities Partnership Program in Old Bridge, New Jersey. She is associate director for adolescent and adult catechesis for the Archdiocese of Newark.

Kathryn Pettersen (B) stays at home with her one-year-old daughter, Emily. Her husband, Mike, is a pediatric cardiologist. The family lives in Detroit, Michigan. 

Melissa Anne (May) Rogers (B) enjoys her pursuit of a Ph.D. in marital therapy from Michigan State University. She is also interning as a grief counselor with the Hospice of Lansing.

1995 Geri Lyon (B) has been called as the first woman pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, which she considers “the mother of a lot of the Protestant churches here in Western New York.” This 250-member church is the oldest in the city, and Lyon’s goal is toGeri Lyon enhance the church’s outreach to its diverse community. Currently, the congregation hosts an after-school arts program for neighborhood children and works in collaboration with other area churches to address inner-city problems. Lyon left her position as director of pastoral care at AIDS Family Service in New York City to accept this call. Her email address is revgeri@adelphia.net.

Tamara “Tami” Seidel (B, ’96M) served as associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Plymouth, Michigan, from 1996 to 2000. Her email address is tjseidel@worldnet.att.net.  Her husband, Charles “Chip” Low (’96B), was ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament in the PCUSA in December 2000. He is now serving as designated pastor of the yoked parish that includes the First Presbyterian Churches of Highland and Marlboro, New York. They are expecting their first child in June 2001. His email address is cllowjr@worldnet.att.net.

1996 Brian Frederick (B) finished his M.Th. coursework at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in May and has a thesis yet to finish. In August 2000 he both took a math and social studies teaching position at a Catholic high school and was ordained to the diaconate in the Orthodox Church in America (Eastern Orthodox). In December 2000 he was ordained to the holy priesthood in the Orthodox Church and is now attached to St. Seraphim’s Orthodox Cathedral in Dallas, Texas, as the second priest. His email address is bfrederick@bdhs.org 

Matthew W. Hilgaertner (B) accepted a call as associate pastor for congregational life at Lake Grove Presbyterian Church in Lake Oswego, Oregon. His email address is matt@lgprs.org.  He is glad to be in “the beautiful Pacific Northwest.”

David Xolile Simon (U) is pastor of a Dutch Reformed congregation in South Africa. His email address is dxsimon@telkomsa.net.

Christian Zebley (B) and his wife, Kay, are serving with the Worldwide Ministries Division of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in Kamakura, Japan. They are involved with youth and are excited about the ability that language school has given them to communicate in Japanese, saying, “We praise God that preaching in Japanese allows us to speak freely from the heart…. Our joy comes from the discovery that we do not need to be ‘youth ministry gurus.’ Rather, we can minister to Japanese youth simply by encouraging their faith and helping them to identify their unique gifts.”

1997 Douglas Campbell (B), who served as the Scottish Bible Society’s field development officer for more than a year, has been named its executive director. His wife, Emily Campbell (’96B), is a Presbyterian minister in Milngavie, near Glasgow. 

Nancy A. Conklin (B) is now pastor of Hillsborough Presbyterian Church in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

Matthew Young (B) writes, “I’m having an amazing time here in Seattle doing college ministry at Seattle Central Community College! God bless PTS!”

1998 Jerald Frey (B) is cofounder, president, and CEO of Frey Mechanical Group, Inc., one of the fastest-growing mechanical contractors in south central Pennsylvania. The company has been recognized for its safety, training, employee relations, craftsmanship, community involvement, and quality work. Frey remains active in the Presbyterian Church. 

John Kiser (B), chaplain in the United States Army in Europe, writes to ask for prayers. His infantry battalion unit is deployed in the Balkans for six months with the mission to ensure peace and security between Serb and Albanian cities and villages along the boundary between Serbia and Kosovo. He counsels many soldiers and conducts several worship services each week on the base camp and at the outposts in his sector. He was recently selected for a dual CPE/Doctor of Ministry program through Brooke Army Medical Center and Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas, which will be the first year of this Army program. His email address is chapkiser@hotmail.com.

Last August, Lamell McMorris (B) was chosen as national coordinator of the Redeem the Dream March, the thirty-seventh anniversary celebration of the march on Washington, because he personifies the character traits needed in the civil rights Lamell McMorris community today, said Martin Luther King III and the Reverend Al Sharpton. McMorris was also the main speaker for a symposium held at the Second Congregational Church (UCC) in Rockford, Illinois, in conjunction with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Rockford Urban Ministries, and several Presbyterian, Evangelical, and United Methodist churches. McMorris has recently been named the new national executive director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Steve Mealor (B) serves as pastor of Pine Island Presbyterian Fellowship in Kalamazoo, Michigan, formed four years ago. Mealor said, “I can already see how this Christian fellowship has changed people’s lives, and I [could] not wait to be a part of their vision for this community.”

1999 Melissa Berkey-Gerard (B) is the program director of the Women’s Prison Association in Brooklyn, New York.

Thomas Brown (B) is associate pastor at the Presbyterian Church in Western Springs, Illinois, and comoderator of the Committee on Ministry with Youth of the Presbytery of Chicago.

Jeff Hensley (P) accepted a call to pastor South Venice Baptist Church in Venice, Florida. 

Kyle D. Hite (B) serves as associate pastor of the Presbyterian Church in Danville, Kentucky. He is also working toward a Master of Arts degree at Wake Forest University in pastoral care and counseling. His email address is kdhite@cheerful.com.

Darren (B) and Elisabeth (B) Kennedy are thankful for their Princeton experience that “continues to aid us in our ministry here in Egypt.” They are employed by the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo.

Sylvia LeFort Masi (B)’s poem “3 a.m.” was recently published in Get Well Wishes: Prayers, Poems, and Blessings, and a short story she wrote about a childhood memory, “The Lamb Box,” is included in a collection titled Treasures of a Woman’s Heart. She is pastor of Conklin United Methodist Church in South River, New Jersey.

Scott Nowack (B) is associate pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair in Upper Montclair, New Jersey. As the church’s first associate pastor in more than thirty years, he will work primarily with youth and family ministries.

2000 Idalia S. Craig was ordained to the Sacred Order of Priests at the historic St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Freehold, New Jersey. She serves as curate and assistant to the rector, sharing pastoral care and worship responsibilities and working with Christian education and youth. 

Matt (B) and Melinda Oswald (B) Hoyt are enjoying their first call as coassociate pastors of youth and mission at St. Peter’s By the Sea Presbyterian Church in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Melinda’s email address is melinda@spbts.org.

Elizabeth McLean (B) serves as assistant minister of the First Presbyterian Church in Wooster, Ohio.

We apologize that Christopher M. Thomforde (P)’s class note in the winter 2001 issue was wrong. The correct information: Thomforde is now president of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, after having served as president of Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas, from 1996 until mid-January 2001

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