Winter 2001
Volume 5 Number 2

Weddings and Births


Olya Alexandrovna Spiridonova and Phillip Babcock ('87B), 
July 29, 2000

R. Elizabeth Boone '91B) and Havery McLean, May 28, 2000

Leah Farrar and Howard Lee Whitee ('93B), June 3, 2000

Lydia Kim and Alexander Hwang ('98B), June 3, 2000


Jonah Charles to Laurie Anne and David Charles Smith ('87B), July 9, 2000

William “Will” Ross to Suzie Nakasian ('93B) and Pete Balaam (92'B), July 20, 2000

Daniel Stanley to Heather Harriss ('94B) and Michael Stephens (94'B), February 25, 2000

Samuel Robert to Jacqueline E. Lapsley ('94B) and Greg Bezilla, August 25, 2000

Alexander James “AJ” to Melissa and Jim ('94B) Rizer, May 27, 2000

Jarrod Lawrence to Jill and John Shannon McWilliams ('98B), September 6, 2000

John Parker to Abigail and Tim ('99B) McConnell, June 11, 2000

Hannah Iona to Katy ('99B) and Mac ('99B) Schafer, April 10, 2000

Delaney Frances to Elizabeth and Justin ('00B) Schlesinger-Devlin, July 28, 2000 

Craig Aldrich to Sondy and Al ('00B) Twyman, August 1, 2000 

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