Summer/Fall  2000
Volume 5 Number 1  


Denise LeFebre (77b) and Jeffrey Hayes Stringer, August 11, 1999

Nancy McDowell Lincoln (80B) and William H. Reynolds Jr., June 11, 1999

Leslie Blow (’94E) and Todd Smith, December 24, 1996

Grace Lim and Youngshin Kim (’94B), July 1, 2000
Hazel Wyatt (’98B) and Craig Lavon Wilson, May 21, 2000
Amy Huthchinson (’00B) and David Cox (’99B), January 15, 2000


Richard Ashbel to Reyna and Ricardo (’90B, ’91E) Green, March 30, 2000

Daniel Sang-Hyun to Eun and Won (’90B) Lee, March 14, 2000

Rebecca Catharine Jin and Alina Margaret Yun to Deborah (’91B, ’99D) and Ken (’92B, ’95M) Sunoo,
October 5, 1994, and September 18, 1999

Maximus Taesoo to Hyun Kyung and David S. (’93B, ’94M) Choi, June 17, 2000

Emily Jihae to Irene Yang and Kevin (’93M) Park,
April 14, 2000

Orly Marie to Amy (’93B) and Andrew (’91B, ’96D) Vaughn, March 1, 2000

Henry William Cobb to Heidi Gehman (’94B) and Kelton Cobb (’85B), February 24, 2000

Abigail Jillian to Christine and Billy Song (’94B),
April 12, 2000

Adam Justice to Un Mi and Yong Hwan Kim (’95B),
November 4, 1999

Jacob Spencer to Kathy and Ross (’96B) Purdy,
February 9, 2000

Mary Jo to Laurie (’97B) and Ron Gerhardstein,
January 6, 2000

Sarah to Starr J. (’98E) and Anthony Alleyne,
May 20, 1999

Jared Kenneth to Kelly and Roger (’98B) Freet,
March 30, 2000

Harrison Holton to Martha Ann and Holton (’98B) Siegling, October 8, 1999

Emily Anne to Jill and Mark (’99B) Pulver,
October 18, 1999

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