Summer/Fall  2000
Volume 5 Number 1

On the cover -Background art: Cross page, from the Lindisfarne Gospels. c. 700 A.D. Manuscript illumination. British Museum, London.
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Theology and Art Flourish Together
Faculty and alumni/ae reflect on the illuminating relationship between theology and the arts, both of which are alive and well at Princeton Seminary.

A View from the East
The small island of Taiwan offers an intriguing and challenging place for Christian ministry; spirituality is real to aboriginal tribespeople, though only three percent of the population is Christian.
by John McCall

Fifty Years of a Seminary Education
Alumni/ae from four decades describe Princeton Seminary when they were students and talk about its influence on their lives.
by Kent Annan

Commencement 2000
Photos and memories from this year's commencement ceremonies.

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