Summer/Fall  2000
Volume 5 Number 1


Key to Abbreviations:
Upper-case letters designate degrees earned at PTS:
M.Div.   D.Min. P
M.R.E.   Th.D. D
M.A.   Ph.D. D
Th.M.  M
Special undergraduate student     U
Special graduate student              G

When an alumnus/a did not receive a degree, a lower-case letter corresponding to those above designates the course of study.

1933 John B. MacDonald (M) is ninety-three years old and looks back with fondness on his training at the Seminary.

1935 Glenn Puder and President GillespieGlenn Puder (B) recently celebrated both his eighty-eighth birthday and his sixty-third wedding anniversary with his wife, Dorothy Disney, niece of Walt Disney. With the "small fortune" that God has entrusted to them, they are thankful for the opportunity to give generously, through the Presbyterian Foundation, to the "vital, exciting, and effective" new church development of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Puder does weekly volunteer calling at St. Helena Hospital in California, attended his sixty-fifth class reunion in May and enjoyed the reunion banquet, where he greeted President Gillespie (Puder, left, shown with President Gillespie).

1937 Francis H. Scott (B, ’47M) writes, "I am living in Westminster Gardens retirement community in Duarte, California, with other Presbyterian church servants."

1943 James R. Bell (B) writes that "Life is great!" He and his wife, Betty, now have two great-grandchildren who are nearby when they are in Florida, and grandchildren living in Pennsylvania. The Bells reside in Auburn, Pennsylvania.

1945 Arthur H. Trois (B) began hemodialysis shortly before his eightieth birthday last fall. He regrets not being able to attend his fifty-fifth class reunion.

1946 Duane U. Farris (B), who retired in December 1986, has since then been a parish associate at Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, Texas. Farris works with older adults and participates in a hospital chaplaincy program.

Harold L. Myers Jr. (B) writes that despite suffering four strokes he is in no pain and is coping well in the Health Center of Friendship Village of Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.

1947 W. Landon Miller Jr. (G) writes, "I appreciate the opportunity to do a couple of semesters at PTS applicable to my Th.D. at Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, more than half a century ago." Miller is retired and lives in Hollywood, Florida.

1949 Neal Kuyper (B) is seeking book donations for the Pastoral Institute in Kikuyu, Kenya. Biblical commentaries and theological texts are needed. Questions or referrals can be directed to Kuyper at 941-761-0179 or via email at

Joseph S. Stephens (B), who lives in San Clemente, California, serves as a chaplain, does pulpit supply, and is president of the South Coast Ministerial Association. He writes that he enjoys spending time with his three sons, two of whom are pastors, and his seven grandchildren.

Odin Baugh and President Gillespie1950 Odin Baugh (B) presented a check for $11,910.58 donated by his class, the Class of 1950, to President Gillespie at the alumni/ae reunion banquet in May. The gift is for the Miller Chapel Restoration Project.

1952 Ruth Grob (B) has been a resident of Westminster Gardens retirement community in Duarte, California, since 1996. She served twenty-eight years on the faculties of the College of Emporia, from 1954 to 1960, and the College of Idaho, from 1960 to 1982. She is now partially blind, but finds support in a caring community and in the will of God.

James Vandegrift Johnson Jr. (B, ’79p), who died in December of 1997, is the author of a chapter published posthumously in the collection Beside Still Waters: Resources for Shepherds in the Market Place published by Smyth & Helwys. The book, devoted to solutions to the common obstacles to successful and authentic pastoral ministry, is edited by James Steven Muse (’79B), who contributed four chapters.

Andrew Newcomer Jr. (M) writes, "I was sorry to miss the alumni reunion in Burlingame, California, on March 1. While I still drive at age eighty-nine, Bay area traffic is to be avoided except when it’s an A-1 priority and not raining!"

1953 Robert D. Argie (b) writes that he and his wife have moved from their former home to a nearby retirement center they are enjoying in Knoxville, Tennessee. "No cooking, no cleaning, no mowing," he writes. "Just time to be ourselves."

1954 Lewis M. Evans Jr. (B) serves as interim pastor at Hasson Heights Presbyterian Church in Oil City, Pennsylvania.

1955 Robert L. Montgomery (M) has authored Introduction to the Sociology of Missions published by Praeger Publishers of Greenwood Publishing Group. This is his second book; the first, The Diffusion of Religions: A Sociological Perspective, was published in 1996. For more information see

Lewis Seymour Mudge (B), the Robert Leighton Stuart Professor of Systematic Theology at San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS), retired July 1, 2000. Mudge delivered the valedictory address, "The Blessing of Abraham: A Modest Proposal," at SFTS on May 1. He and his wife, writer and filmmaker Jean McClure Mudge, continue to live in Berkeley, California.

Philip Young (B) was elected treasurer of the National Council of Churches.

1956 Robert Crawford’s (B) book, Can We Ever Kill?, mentioned on page twenty-five of the winter 2000 issue of inSpire, appeared in May 2000, not May 1999. Another book by Crawford, What Is Religion?, will be published by Routledge in 2001.

1957 Larry Driskill’s (M) book Adventures in Senior Living, which contains a commendation by Seminary president Thomas Gillespie, can be ordered from Driskill for $14. Those interested should send a check to Larry Driskill, 1420 Santo Domingo Avenue, Duarte, CA 91010. Larry lives in Duarte with his wife, Lillian Cassel Driskill (’47B).

1959 Roberto Delgado (B) was elected secretary of the National Council of Churches.

Paul T. Eckel (B) led a faith renewal weekend in February at Conyers Presbyterian Church in Conyers, Georgia. Eckel’s theme for the weekend was "Renewal in a Time of Transition."

1960 C. Nelson Craig (B) retired on December 31, 1999, after a fourteen-year pastorate in Winneconne, Wisconsin. He began as interim pastor of the First Baptist Church in Weyauwega, Wisconsin, on March 1, 2000.

P.W. Hutchinson (B) is in his second year as chair of the department of music, theatre, and dance at Rhode Island College in Providence, Rhode Island.

1961 Howard W. Fritz (M) and his wife, Marion, recently visited Northern Ireland on a mission trip with Presbyterians and Roman Catholics from central Pennsylvania to learn more about the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. The goal of the trip was to recognize ways that reconciliation might be achieved.

Alfred A. Glenn (b) is professor of systematic theology emeritus at Bethel Seminary, which has campuses in St. Paul, Minnesota, and San Diego, California. He is currently an adjunct professor of systematic theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, Southwest, in Phoenix, Arizona.

George Hollingshead (B) was installed last January as moderator of the Presbytery of Philadelphia, the oldest presbytery in the United States. Hollingshead is the associate pastor for mission, outreach, and stewardship of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church where he has been on staff since 1978. The preacher at the service of installation was Freda A. Gardner, Thomas W. Synnott Professor of Christian Education Emerita at PTS and moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) last year.

Richard C. Hughes (B) continues to serve as an interim minister at Makemie Presbyterian Church in Snow Hill, Maryland.

G. Daniel McCall (M) retired at age sixty-five after twenty-two years as pastor of Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia. Until recently he served as interim pastor at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.

1962 Henry James Hopper (B) still enjoys The Princeton Seminary Bulletin and looked forward to seeing classmates in Long Beach, California, at the General Assembly meeting.

Jose C. Nieto (M, ’67D) is the Mary S. Geiger Professor of Religion and History at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. He has been invited to read a paper at the International Congress in Madrid, Spain, at the fifth centennial of the birth of Emperor Charles V. The paper is titled, "Heresy in the Imperial Chapel."

Robert K. Wyman (B) is currently the interim pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

1963 Donald Mitchell (B, ’72D) has been called to his sixth interim position as part-time senior minister at Park Road Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Robert Edward Simpson (B, ’80p) was featured in the April 10 issue of the Springfield Business Journal. The feature noted that Simpson, who is director of Job Council of the Ozarks, has lived and worked in the Springfield, Missouri, area for seven years. Job Council is the workforce development department for the city of Springfield, and offers employment and training services to unemployed workers throughout the Springfield area. Simpson’s current project with Job Council involves laying the foundation for making the transition to a new set of program requirements and performance standards that became operative with the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act in July. Simpson has also taught religion and coached football and basketball in private secondary schools and won a New Jersey prep school state championship with one of his basketball teams. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Judy, and has three children and five grandchildren.

Hermann I. Weinlick (B) serves as stated supply pastor of Calvary Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1964 Von Hardesty (b), curator at the National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., published an article in Smithsonian magazine on Charles Killie (PTS Class of 1889) and his role in the Boxer uprising of 1900 in China. Hardesty writes, "Killie was a Presbyterian missionary who took some remarkable photographs of the 55-day seige at Peking. He is an interesting church figure and, as an amateur photographer at the siege at Peking, earned at least a footnote in history. As a Smithsonian curator, I came across Killie’s photograph collection a few years ago. The centennial of the Boxer uprising provided me with an opportunity to prepare the article."

Peter Marshall (B) was the guest speaker at a special interfaith service honoring Mercer County, Pennsylvania’s, bicentennial year. The service was held at Tiger Stadium in Sharon, Pennsylvania, in May.

1965 Wallace Arthur Alcorn (M) is listed in the 2000 editions of Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Religion, and Who’s Who in the Midwest published by Marquis. Alcorn lives in Austin, Minnesota, and can be reached by email at

Leola Cameron Cooper (b) writes, "I remain well in this my eightieth year. I was invited to go to Poland again in June, and also to the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia."

Genevieve Dox (E) was elected vice moderator of the New York Conference of the United Church of Christ at its annual meeting in Albany, New York. She is also serving as chair of the newly formed New York Conference Commission on Ministry.

1966 Elinor Hite (E), after eighteen years in human resources at BP Amoco, is now director of human resources of Jenner and Block, a Chicago law firm. She also serves on the board of trustees of the Presbyterian Foundation.

Kent Ira Groff1967 Kent Ira Groff (B) announces the publication of his book Journeymen: A Spiritual Guide for Men (and for Women Who Want to Understand Them) by Upper Room Books. The book seeks to bridge the gap between Iron John and the Promise Keepers. Groff is the director of Oasis Ministries and lives with his wife, Fredrika S. Groff (’66E), in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

William L. McClelland (D) began as interim minister of Malta Presbyterian Church, Deerfield Presbyterian Church, and the First Presbyterian Church of McConnelsville, all in Ohio, in December 1999.

1968 Abi S. Castro (M) is a retired Presbyterian minister. He writes that his prayers are with the Seminary community.

Vernon J. Rice (M) writes, "I’m retiring from thirty-six years of parish ministry in the Lutheran Church. My year at Princeton Seminary was a great help!" Rice was senior pastor of the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Roseville, Minnesota, until his June retirement.

Donald Juel Sneen (D) has authored Millennium 2000: Rapture or Jubilee published by Kirk House Publishers in Minneapolis. The book tackles themes like millennialism, the rapture, and dispensationalism, and evaluates each from a biblical perspective.

1969 Rob Morrison (B) of Edmond, Oklahoma, writes that new church development is going well for Santa Fe Presbyterian Church where he pastors. "We started in 1996 and now have more than 369 members." He also notes that his wife, Kathe, has a business teaching swimming lessons.

1970 Stephen T. Deckard (B) is now district superintendent of the Seven Valley District of the North Central New York Conference of the United Methodist Church. Deckard was also elected a clergy delegate to the General Conference of the UMC in Cleveland, Ohio, in May 2000. He lives in Cortland, New York, with his wife, Pam, and children, Paul and Stephanie. His email address is

John Mellis (B) was recently appointed director of native ministries and assistant professor of cross-cultural studies at the Vancouver School of Theology in Vancouver, British Columbia. This post involves working with students and their tutors in the Master of Divinity program offered in seventeen extension locations in Canada and the United States. Mellis’s email address is

David Powell (B) recently "retired" as chief executive officer of ETP, Inc., a healthcare company he established in 1974. Powell has established the International Center for Health Concerns, Inc., which seeks to promote dialogue on mental health and substance abuse issues between the militaries of twenty-five nations. He is currently lecturing and meeting with the surgeons general of these nations to arrange for a worldwide conference on substance abuse in the military in 2003.

Craig Seitz (B) has been called as pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Athens, Ohio.

1971 John C. Carr (M) is approaching his last year as associate coordinator of pastoral and scriptural services at Alberta Hospital. He retires in the fall of 2001, but will continue to do pastoral psychotherapy and to teach at St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Les Malakian (B) is part-time associate pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Modesto, California. He has also had a finance/insurance business for ten years.

J. W. Gregory Meister’s (B) company Interlink Media is a multimedia marketing company in Haddonfield, New Jersey. Interlink Media has designed web sites for nine Presbyterian churches and for West Jersey Presbytery and the Synod of the Northeast. However, the company’s core business remains video production. Meister has won many awards for his television productions, most recently for a program produced for Presbyterians for Renewal. Interlink’s web address is

1972 David T. Abalos (D) explored the theme "Styles of Leadership: Strategies for Change and Transition" at a workshop given by Better Beginnings in Hightstown, New Jersey, in April. Abalos is professor of religious studies and sociology at Seton Hall University. He has lectured and written extensively on multicultural and gender scholarship and on Latinos in the United States from the perspective of politics of transformation.

1973 Robert Boenig (B), who is professor of English and religious studies at Texas A&M University, will also be serving as director of FIND, the program that trains spiritual directors in the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Jim Garlow (M) is the pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, California. He writes, "The church has been trying to build a six-building, 138-acre campus for the last sixteen years, but has run into extensive bureaucratic and environmental complications. It cost $23 million. Since moving into the new building, attendance has increased from 3,200 to 4,000 each weekend."

Thomas Tewell (B) was featured on CNN’s "Business Unusual" segment, which aired on Easter Sunday. He is a trustee of Princeton Seminary and pastor of The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York, New York. Tewell also delivered the baccalaureate sermon for The College of Wooster in May.

Dale G. Tremper (B) writes that he has "high hopes for transformative ministry through the Oklahoma City Cooperative Urban Parish in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma."

1974 Victor Pentz (B), formerly pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Houston, was unanimously elected May 7 as the next pastor of Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, the largest congregation in the Presbyterian Church (USA) with more than 12,000 members.

Richard Ramsey (B) is now pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Missouri. He comes to this position from the pastorate of the First Presbyterian Church in Tyler, Texas.

1975 Karen Brostrom-O’Brien (E, ’82B) is the interim associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Annapolis, Maryland. The church, located at Duke of Gloucester and Conduit Streets, has been at the same location for more than 150 years.

Kate Irish Filer (B) is now part-time administrative presbyter for the Presbytery of Lake Erie, which covers six northwestern Pennsylvania counties and includes sixty-one churches with nearly 14,000 members. Filer will work primarily with the committee that oversees churches in transition or crisis. She will also work with presbytery stewardship and mission committees and will help supervise the presbytery office staff.

Theodore Gill Jr. (B) was appointed to a newly created position as associate and editor in the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Office of Theology and Worship. In addition to representing that office in consultations with publishers, he will edit two journals of practical theology: the ecumenical publication Reformed Liturgy and Music and the year-old denominational journal by and for Presbyterian ministers, The Register of the Company of Pastors.

Lewis S. Leon (B) recently left a long-term ministry with Valley Presbyterian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, and began serving as pastor and head of staff at the First Presbyterian Church in Oceanside, California.

Joseph P. Ravenell (B) recently celebrated his sixtieth birthday and retirement from the U.S. Army National Guard. Ravenell, a lieutenant colonel, served in the guard for twenty-nine years.

Robert C. Tate Jr. (M) writes, "After retiring as a Navy chaplain, pastoring in North Island, California, and retiring again after ten years as director of admissions for the Southern Baptist Association of Churches in Colorado, I am now pastoring Anderson Baptist Church in Anderson, Texas. I began this position as an interim, but it looks like I’ll stay a while. I’m really enjoying it."

1978 Hilary H. Battle (B) is a retired (major) chaplain in the United States Army, as well as a retired hospital chaplain with the Ohio Department of Mental Health. He is now a counselor and consultant for veterans while also teaching part time at a private school of theology. Battle lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jeff Chesebro (B) has joined Source Communications in Hackensack, New Jersey, as senior vice president and director of business development. Most recently he served as senior partner at J. Walter Thompson.

Larry R. Kalajainen (M) is now serving in his seventh year as senior pastor of the American Church in Paris, the oldest church of American origin outside the United States. He can be contacted at

Stephen Row (B, ’84M) is pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Bridesburg, Pennsylvania. He is also an editor for the Trentonian.

Larry Scott (B) moved from Rundle Memorial United Church in Banff, Alberta, to Cordava Bay United Church in Victoria, British Columbia, in August 1999.

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1979 Curtis T. Baxter (B, ’80M) was installed February 20, 2000, as the pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Barrington, Illinois. The church has a membership of nearly 1,000. Previously, Baxter served as pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Coshocton, Ohio. His wife, Sherrie, is a teacher of severely disabled children, and the couple has two children, Stephen and Sarah. Curtis received his D.Min. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in May.

Louis Venden (D) is a professor of theology and ministry at Loma Linda University in California. He remembers "with joy and gratitude countless worship services in Miller Chapel."

1980 Kathleen Bostrom’s (E, ’83B) newest children’s book, What about Heaven?, was released March 1, 2000. This is her fifth published work. What Are Angels? is under contract and will be published in 2001. She graduated with her Doctor of Ministry in preaching from McCormick Seminary in June 2000. She lives with her husband, Greg (’83), in Wildwood, Illinois, where they serve as copastors of Wildwood Presbyterian Church.

Robert A. Garwig (B) has accepted a call to serve as head of staff of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Detroit, Michigan. The congregation is made up of an even mix of Euro and African Americans, and the church also recognizes gay and lesbian members in the fellowship.

Thomas G. Long (D) has accepted an appointment as professor of preaching at Candler School of Theology in Atlanta.

Margaret Payne (B) will become the first woman bishop in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in September. Of the meeting in which she was elected bishop by the New England Synod in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, Payne said, "The Holy Spirit has been in this place and I feel called by the Holy Spirit. I knew I would feel equal parts of honor and terror. I didn’t expect the sense of peace and brightness."

1981 Robert Duffett (M) has been selected as the nineteenth president of Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota. He leaves his position as provost and academic dean of Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas. Prior to his post at Ottawa, Duffett was director of doctoral studies and an associate professor of theology and communications at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Lombard, Illinois. He and his wife, Connie, are the parents of two children.

Mary Ford-Grabowsky (B, ’85D) has a new contract with HarperSanFrancisco for a book on women mystics. She writes, "Thank you, Princeton Seminary, for a splendid education."

1982 Jana Childers (B), who teaches preaching at San Francisco Theological Seminary, was featured on "Great Preachers," a half-hour television series on the Odyssey Network, in May.

Keith E. Edwards (B) has earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. The title of his ministry focus paper is "Preaching the Narratives of Scripture As Story at Community Presbyterian Church, Three Rivers, California." Edwards has been pastor of that congregation, which is located at the gateway to Sequoia National Park, since 1995. Edwards may be contacted at

David Perkins (B) writes that he recently adopted four Russian children. The family lives in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Marnie Silbert (B) writes that her husband, John (B), is busy with a joint project of the Presbyterian Media Mission and the denomination in media literacy.

1983 Robert A. Crowell (B) is serving as interim pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Temple City, California.

1984 Robert Alper (P), the first Jewish person to earn a doctorate from Princeton Seminary, performed recently at the Levite Jewish Community Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Alper is a rabbi and a stand-up comic and performs hundreds of times a year. He has been featured on Showtime, Comedy Central, and ABC’s Good Morning America. For more information visit

Wes Avram (B) writes that he began duties as the Clement-Muehl Assistant Professor of Communications at Yale University Divinity School in July. He teaches homiletics and other courses in communications studies and the practice of ministry. His email address is

Rebecca Price Janney (B) has recently earned her Doctor of Ministry degree from Biblical Theological Seminary. Her dissertation concerned the role of women in the American Protestant church and society throughout United States history, and how women’s stories bear upon the faithfulness of contemporary Christian women. She may be reached at

Lynn Winkels Japinga (B), whose email address is, writes, "In November 1999, Abingdon Press published my book Feminism and Christianity: An Essential Guide." She is currently an associate professor of religion at Hope College.

Donald D. Marsden Jr. (B) and his wife, Laurie (’86b), are on sabbatical with their three children. They will return to Russia in January 2001. Donald is a mission specialist in partnership with Russian churches for the Presbyterian Church (USA) and teaches at Moscow Theological Seminary. Laurie works with OPORA, a Christian mission in Moscow dedicated to training leaders for work in drug and alcohol recovery programs. While in the States they can be contacted c/o Don and Connie Marsden at 32 Hunting Ridge Farms, Branford, CT 06405-6131. Their email address is

Jane P. Mills (B) is stated supply pastor of Harlem Yoke Parish in Harlem, Montana, a joint Presbyterian Church (USA) and United Methodist Church congregation.

David Stark (B) had his story "Second Bloom" published in the May 2000 issue of Guideposts for Teens, a monthly inspirational, interfaith magazine. The story recounts an experience Stark had while working at a nursery (for flowers, not children!). Stark has also developed a job placement program called LifeKeys for his church in Hopkins, Minnesota. To learn more about the program visit

1985 Ronald Hecker Cram (D) was elected president of the Religious Education Association (REA), an ecumenical and multifaith association of religious educators. His term will begin in January 2001 and conclude in December 2003, the 100th anniversary of the REA. Cram can be contacted at

Rodney L. Petersen (D) writes, "I’ve been privileged to herald the new millennium by coediting two books on religion and environmental themes: Population, Consumption, and Sustainability with Island Press and Earth at Risk with Humanity Books."

1986 David A. Davis (B) has accepted a call as pastor and head of staff of Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton, New Jersey. Davis is finishing his dissertation for a Ph.D. in homiletics from PTS and comes to the Nassau Church from his ministry at the First Presbyterian Church of Blackwood, New Jersey. He began duties September 5, 2000.

Glen James Hallead (B) is a mission specialist for the Presbyterian Church (USA). He serves as the director of the Christian Volunteers in Thailand Program with the Church of Christ in Thailand. His email address is

Brian (B) and Judith Jones (B) have accepted a shared appointment as lecturers in biblical studies at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Their email address is

David Judd (B) has moved with his family to a new home in Winter Park, Florida.

Stuart Calvin Lord (B, ’87M), formerly executive director of the Grover L. Hartman Center for Civic Education and Leadership and associate dean at DePauw University, became dean of the Tucker Foundation and associate provost of Dartmouth College on August 1. Lord is the editor, with Wayne Meisel (’98B), of Common Good, Common Ground: Building Commitment & Community, which was published in 1999 by Peter Pauper Press.

1987 Peter Sung Kim (B), pastor of Los Angeles New Church, reports that his church is merging with the Korean Presbyterian Church of Downey, California. The combined churches will be called the New Church of Downey. Kim will be the pastor. He completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1998.

Barbara T. Porizky (B) is a member-at-large in the Presbytery of Southern New England. Her husband, Mark E. Porizky (’89B), pastors St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Groton, Connecticut.

Raynard D. Smith (B) writes, "I am currently working as a full-time chaplain at St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and pursuing a doctorate in psychology and religion at Drew University."

Lisa Hanson Tice (B, ’88M) moved with her family to Royal Air Force Lakenheath, an F15 base two hours northeast of London, England, where she is a United States Air Force (USAF) chaplain. She represented the USAF at the "progress" of the new bishop of Norfolk, which involved a civil procession through her new hometown of Thetford. The Tice family can be reached via email at

Gary J. (B) and Rosalind Ziccardi (B) and their two sons have relocated to Royal Air Force (RAF) Molesworth, England this past summer.

1988 Gregory A. Love (B) led a faculty workshop as part of San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS)’s annual Thomas Verner Moore Lectures in April. Love is a professor of systematic theology at SFTS.

Susan (B) and Bob Ryder (B) celebrated thirteen years of marriage on New Year’s Eve 1999. They are completing their third year as copastors of New Covenant Community, which is a Presbyterian Church (USA), United Church of Christ, and Disciples congregation in Normal, Illinois. The Ryders are also codirectors of the United Campus Christian Foundation, an ecumenical campus ministry at Illinois State University, which founded the New Covenant Community. Bob recently began serving as a member of the advisory committee of the Center for Progressive Christianity. They may be reached via email at

1989 Cynthia L. Rigby (B, ’98D) has been promoted to the rank of associate professor at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas.

1990 David A. deSilva (B) is the author of The Hope of Glory: Honor Discourse and New Testament Interpretation, which was published by Liturgical Press in 1999. The book, which introduces readers to the importance and the dynamics of honor and shame in the first-century world, can be purchased directly from Liturgical Press (1-800-858-5450), through or, or from the Ashland University Bookstore. DeSilva, an associate professor of New Testament and Greek studies at Ashland Theological Seminary, resides in Ashland, Ohio, with his wife, Donna Jean, and two sons, Adrian and Austin.

Sangwoo Shin (M) is senior chaplain for the Korean Center for World Missions in Seoul, Korea.

Brenda Stiers (P) is now the executive director of the YWCA of Greenwich, Connecticut. Formerly, Stiers was the executive minister and chief operating officer of The Riverside Church in New York City where she was largely responsible for a fifty-percent increase in the church’s portfolio and numerous fitness, health, spirituality, and arts programs initiated during her six-year tenure. Stiers wants to make an impact at the Greenwich YWCA by alerting local residents to all the programs the organization has to offer. She says, "I want people to realize we have more than just swimming lessons here. We have services for women and girls across the life span."

1991 Christine Caton (B) has moved to New York City and begun work with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship as an educator, interpreter, and advocate. Her job involves travel throughout the United States as well as international travel. Her new email address is

Jo Ann Pepple Knight (M) serves as deputy staff chaplain in the United States Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky. She now resides in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

John C. Minihan (B, M) is the new pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Newark, Ohio. He is currently working on his Doctor of Ministry degree through Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Faith, have four children.

1993 Patricia Kitchen (B), associate pastor for adult education at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, writes, "Our church has created a Violence Task Force (and sent buses to the Million Mom March), and we would appreciate input from other congregations who are active on the handgun violence issue."

Peter Thambidurai (B) recently completed law school and is preparing to take the New Jersey and Pennsylvania bar exams. After finishing his M.Div., he worked on PTS staff as cashier/coordinator of the Theological Book Agency for seven years. Next he will be doing an appellate clerkship for a year at the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law. He says, "I have benefited enormously both from learning and working here. I leave carrying wonderful memories of the Seminary community."

Marlowe V. N. Washington (b), pastor of Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church in Providence, Rhode Island, and chairman of A.M.E.N., Inc., completed the renovation of his first housing and economic development project called A.M.E.N. Manor in December 1999. The development provides nine affordable rental units for low-to-moderate-income families in Providence. A.M.E.N., Inc., which stands for Allen Ministries Enriching Neighborhoods, is the first statewide faith-based community development corporation in Rhode Island.

1994 Nathan Byrd (B) now serves as pastor of People’s Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado. His email address is

Mark Tauber (B) has left HarperCollins Publishers in San Francisco. He is now director of business development at in New York City. His email address is

1995 Yong Hwan Kim (B) writes, "I’ll be done with course work in the Ph.D. program in biblical studies at the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley this semester. I’m ‘looking forward’ to taking the comprehensive exams this fall."

Leslie Ann Traylor (B, ’96M) is the new pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Kirksville, Missouri.

Henry Ndukuba1996 Henry Ndukuba (E) was recently consecrated and enthroned as bishop of the new Missionary Diocese of Gombe in Nigeria. He says they are "pioneering the building of the church of God in this part of our country—Nigeria." 

Kathryn L. Roberts (D) has been reappointed as professor for a three-year term at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Austin, Texas.

Jim Soha and Heather FinckJim Soha (B) graduated with an M.D. from Columbia University on May 17, 2000. He and his wife, Heather M. Finck (’96B), are moving to Albany, New York, where Soha will begin his residency in emergency medicine and Finck will serve as a hospital chaplain. The couple will be serving at Albany Medical Center. They may be reached by email at or t

1997 Curt Korten (B) serves as a psychologist for a community mental health agency in southern Michigan. He continues to be amazed at how and where God calls him.

1998 Carmen Aiken (B) received her Th.M. from Harvard University Divinity School on June 8, 2000.

Starr J. Alleyne (E) currently works as a high school English teacher at Faith Academy in Farmingville, New York. She serves her church in several capacities: Sunday school coordinator, a member of the dramatic resources team, a member of the Christian education board, instructor for the Eastern Baptist Association Bible School, and the young adult minister. She is, under the advisement of her pastor, studying for ordination and will complete the process sometime this fall.

Christina Gravely (B) is associate pastor of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Her email address is Her husband, Edward (’99B), was ordained by Foothills Presbytery on March 26, 2000. He now serves as interim parish associate for pastoral visitation at Fort Hill Presbyterian Church in Clemson, South Carolina.

James D. Lynch (B) has resigned as director of the Lutheran Office of Governmental Ministry, a state public policy office of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in Colorado. He planned to enroll in the MBA program at Yale University’s School of Management in August. He will study cross-sector leadership, and hopes to eventually launch his own consulting firm focusing on cross-sector public policy. He may be contacted at

Leslie Mott (B) is the Helen Carnell Eden Chaplain at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Mott was installed in a ceremony at the school on February 26. She may be contacted at

Chad Clifford Pecknold (b) has received his Th.M. from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Sara, will soon be living in England while Chad begins work on his D.Phil. in theology at Oxford University.

Troy White (b) is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in philosophical and systematic theology at Trinity Theological Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana. He writes, "This is a cooperative online distance education program with the University of Liverpool. I am proud to say that I am currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA in my studies."

1999 Peter Haas (B) was ordained and installed as associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Flint in Flint, Michican. He can be contacted through his church’s web site at

Robert P. McClanahan Jr. (M) is a commander in the United States Navy. He lives in Pensacola, Florida.

Kyle Powderly (B) has been called as the associate pastor at Sea Island Presbyterian Church in Beaufort, South Carolina. His email address is

Mark Pulver (B) is living with his wife, Jill, and family in California. He writes, "I decided to venture back into the business world. I am an HRMS product marketing manager for Peoplesoft, Inc., and not a day goes by that doesn’t make use of the training I received at Princeton Seminary—I’m so grateful for it! We are very involved at the First Presbyterian Church in Berkeley, California, and love it."

Ross Raymond (B) is a construction supervisor for Habitat for Humanity Greater Bucks County. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

2000 Daniel Flores (b, on leave of absence) is serving as the director of the Charles Wesley Heritage Centre (CWHC) in Bristol, England, which is located in the Georgian home occupied by Charles Wesley’s family from 1766–1771. The CWHC emphasizes historic Wesleyan theology and hymnody, but is also striving to encourage fresh scholarship and to support renewal for global Christianity. Flores writes, "One of my joys is to offer guest lodging for visiting scholars, clergy, and students." The centre is in Bristol and, when it is available, Flores can offer the scholar’s room for PTS visitors for thirty pounds per night. Longer visits for research can be arranged. Advance reservations are required.

In May Rolf Jacobson (D) completed his Ph.D. and concluded his tenure as assistant editor of Theology Today and associate editor of The Princeton Seminary Bulletin. He and his family have moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he will teach at Augsburg College.

Brian Marsh (B) has composed the words and music for "Lay It All Down," which was published in Lift Up Your Hearts: Songs for Creative Worship by Geneva Press in 1999. The lyrics are inspired by Philippians 3:7–10.

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