Winter 2000
Volume 4 Number 4

The Gospel according to Hip Hop
By Kent Annan

While Princeton Seminary is accustomed to training biblical scholars, missionaries, and ministers to Charles Atkins become effective translators of Scripture, seldom has it prepared students to render Ecclesiastes 3 quite like this:


He says to me, "Your job ain’t doin’ nothin’ for you.
While you slavin’ and savin’ for a legit home,
Anybody anytime could bust a cap in your dome....

For Love of a City's Kids

By Barbara A. Chaapel

Childres at Play"All the great youth ministries shouldn’t be in the suburbs," says Bruce Main, a PTS D.Min. student and executive director of UrbanPromise in Camden, New Jersey. He has put his ministry where his mouth is!

In 1988, Main left his studies at Fuller Seminary in California to respond to a challenge from Tony Campolo, well-known evangelical minister and author, to come east to begin a program for urban kids in New Jersey’s poorest city.

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