Spring 2000
Volume 4 Number 4

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A Famous Neighbor

I was a Princeton Seminary student in the early 1940s when the eating clubs were still in existence. I was a member of the Behnam Club, and we had a famous neighbor who lived across the street, Albert Einstein. We often saw him as he walked through the campus on his way to work at the Institute for Advanced Study.

One day as a group of students and I walked behind him, we noticed that he was not the sharpest of dressers. That day he was wearing an old sweatshirt and a black raincoat that had surely seen better days. As young seminarians, we tried to look professional by wearing white shirts, dress slacks, and ties. One of the group whispered to a friend, "He isn’t even wearing any socks." His friend replied, "If you were Albert Einstein, you wouldn’t have to wear socks either!"
submitted by Greer S. Imbrie Sr., Class of 1943

Cutting Loose

In the early 1950s, I often cut Dr. Norman V. Hope’s hair and eyebrows in my Hodge Hall room. The former professor once inquired if cutting his eyebrows would make them bushier, as he could hardly read his lecture notes through the thick tangle of hair. I simply picked up my scissors and replied, "Nah!"
submitted by William D. Pendell, Class of 1955


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