Spring 1999
Volume 4 Number 1

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On the Cover - A montage of Miller Chapel photographs overlays an architect's sketch of the floor plan for the restoration.


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Reforming the Buildings That Form Faith
PTS unveils plans for restoring Miller Chapel and building a new center for music and worship.
by Barbara A. Chaapel
bldg.jpg (105489 bytes) Of Pew, Pulpit, and Pillar
Miller Chapel has a fascinating history that reflects changes in both architecture and theology.
by William O. Harris
bldg.jpg (105489 bytes) A Gathering of Hearts: Six Decades of Memories of Miller Chapel
Alumni/ae treasure memories of life-changing events that took place within Miller Chapel’s walls.
by Kathleen Long Bostrom
bldg.jpg (105489 bytes) Pulling Out All the Stops
Benefactor and organ lover Joe R. Engle believes that fine preaching and music are essential to the worship of God.
by Barbara A. Chaapel
bldg.jpg (105489 bytes) Late Night Thoughts on Preaching and Worship
The Seminary’s preaching professors share personal reflections on their discipline.
by James F. Kay, Nora Tubbs Tisdale, and Cleo LaRue
bldg.jpg (105489 bytes) Keeping Vigil
by Barbara A. Chaapel

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Coming in the Next Issue:
The summer issue of inSpire will highlight some PTS alums, faculty, and students who have had recent experiences with the church abroad -- in Kosovo, Israel, Scotland, Puerto Rico, Kenya, and India. Plus, look for an update on PTS's accessibility to the disabled, and an interview with newly elected PCUSA Moderator Freda Gardner!

Barbara A. Chaapel
Art Director  Kathleen Whalen
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Staff Photographers  Jay Gardner
James Hong
Freelance Photographer  Carolyn Herring
Chrissie Knight
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Assistant Susan Molloy
Student Assistant Amy Salmon


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