Fall/Winter 1998
Volume 3 Number 4

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On the Cover - Th inviting entrance to the newly renovated Erdman Hall.
Cover Photo - Jay Gardner


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The New Erdman Hall Offers a Warm Welcome
The Center of Continuing Education's new home offers comfortable office space for the staff and hospitable lodging for Seminary guests.
by Amy Salmon
migliore.jpg (5812 bytes) Princeton's Stellar Systematic Theologians
Four faculty members earn accolades and awards for outstanding work in their field.
by Hope Andersen
alston.jpg (35643 bytes) The Center of Theological Inquiry: Where Theology Engages Both Church and World
PTS's sister institution provides a haven for scholars and pastors to do theological reflection.
by Barbara A. Chaapel
crawford.jpg (29367 bytes) David Crawford: An Ambassador of Goodwill
David Crawford, alumnus and longtime employee and friend of the Seminary, is remembered by those who knew him, worked with him, and loved him.
by Hope Andersen
retire.jpg (53112 bytes) So Long, Farewell...
There was nothing retiring about the dinner given last May in honor of six retiring faculty and administrators!
by Barbara A. Chaapel

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Coming in the Next Issue:
The spring issue of inSpire will focus on Miller Chapel -- the plans for its renovation, the history of the chapel, the memories of alumni/ae about ministry that has taken place within its walls, the teaching and place of preaching in the Seminary life and the life of the church.

 Barbara A. Chaapel
Associate Editor   Hope Andersen
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Assistant   Susan Molloy
Staff Photographers  Jay Gardner
James Hong
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Graphic Designer  Tracy Stokes
Student Assistant  Amy Salmon


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