Fall 1997
Volume 3 Number 1

On the Cover The St. Andrews tartan provides a lively background for pictures of Balmoral Castle and St. Andrews, Scotland, photographed by Mary Grace Royal, operations coordinator for the Seminary's Office of Continuing Education, at last summer's Joint Institute of Theology.


Roots in the Reformation
Continuing Education Nurtures Scottish and American Clergy Princeton and St. Andrews University in Scotland nurture ministers on both sides of the ocean through a joint venture in continuing education.
by Barbara A. Chaapel
A Community of Scholars
Princeton Educates Doctors for the Church Preparing doctors for the church has been the objective of Princeton's Ph.D. studies program since its inception in 1944.
by Hope Andersen
Fruits of Their Labor
Three PTS Alums Celebrate a New Church and a New Vintage California alums support one another's efforts to spread the Word, grow grapes, and celebrate God's presence in a new Presbyterian congregation.
by Barbara A. Chaapel
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 Barbara A. Chaapel
Associate Editor   Hope Andersen
Art Director   Kathleen Whalen
Assistant   Susan Molloy
Staff Photographer   Chrissie Knight


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