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Science for Ministry

Science for Ministry Institute

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Science for Ministry Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary, made possible by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation. The purpose of this institute is to bring pastors and scientifically-inclined individuals into an educational experience around key questions in theology and science. These participant pairs would then return to their home communities, better equipped to advance the dialogue in their local context.

Participant pairs will go through a five-day core course, and will then be able to choose from six three-day and five one-day electives. Convenient lodging and meals are provided, so participants are only required to complete any assigned pre-work, provide transportation, and a nominal daily fee.

Contact information, for further questions, is available at the conclusion of the FAQ.

To apply for the program, please complete the following:

  1. Review the program details, starting with the Program Description.
  2. Select a program partner. Read more about that here.
  3. Fill out and return two applications (one for yourself and one for your partner).

You may return the applications via:

  • e-mail at: scienceforministry@ptsem.edu,
  • facsimile at: 609-497-0709, or
  • postal mail at: Erdman Center, Attn: Science for Ministry, 20 Library Place, Princeton NJ 08540

All applications will be acknowledged (via e-mail) within one business day of their receipt.

The application deadline is three weeks before the start of the specific program.

Thank you again for your consideration of this program, and best wishes with your ministry.